Spend.com has integrated ApplePay, further streamlining the ability to spend and other cryptocurrencies at merchants who don't accept crypto directly. I've recently started using the card and so far it's been great.


BCH upgrade doesn't go well and causes lost transactions. For an example of how to properly roll out an update, I suggest looking at .


While more avenues to use your crypto is always a good thing, I prefer my Spend card as I can use it with , the one true decentralized digital cash system.


While any sort of crypto adoption is generally bullish, one would have to be out of their mind to sell their or other crypto for the Petro.


Decentralized technology is laying the foundation for freedom; is specifically laying the foundation for economic freedom.


Dash Investment Foundation, formally known as Dash Ventures, is going live! This is a HUGE deal that will bring untold value and growth to the DAO.


Thanks to NuMundo's integration, and coupled with the CheapAir integration, you can now travel around the world and live almost exclusively on !


As people debate rolling back the BTC blockchain because of Binance's incompetence, the faithful sit back and relax knowing that such a rollback won't even be possible with Dash once Chainlocks is implemented.


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