receives a perfect score from the Crypto Rating Council, a group who rates cryptocurrencies on their likelihood of being rated a security by US financial agencies.

Due to a social attack and some very shortsighted and ignorant MNO's, Dash Force was not funded this month. There will not be any Dash News articles to share until the team regroups.

The crypto news environment has a serious integrity problem. has been especially hard hit by such unprofessional news agencies.

Be wary of crypto influencers. Many, if not most, a little more than paid shills and charlatans.

Even in this extended bear market, 's hashrate continues to rise, indicating a very strong buy signal. Don't let current standings fool you, is the market leader in just about every metric. It is easily the most undervalued crypto right now.

As crypto crimes increase, privacy coins face greater scrutiny from regulators. provides the optimum balance between offering robust anonymity and placating violent state regulators.

While the energy consumed to secure BTC is high, it pales relative to securing fiat. However, reducing energy consumption is still a good thing and with Chainlocks manages to reduce its consumption and remain the most secure crypto in the world.

Another exchange has been hacked. Remember the golden rule of crypto: not your keys, not your coins. Don't leave your crypto on exchanges, kiddies.

Travala partners with to expand the available listing where you can use to 28 million listings!

If you're thinking of investing in BTC, you need to be aware of these issues, all of which has solved.

According to Vega Wallet co-founder, someone who truly understands payment methods, is the ideal solution.

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