Coinbase Pro is only requiring 2 confirmations for deposits which means that Coinbase considers a Dash transaction to be at least as secure in 5 minutes as BTC is in one hour.

The adding of to Coinbase Pro may be a signal that the inbred good ol' boys network that currently dominates the cryptosphere is thankfully coming to an end.

In act of solidarity, Farmarato, a cultural symbol of Venezuelan hope, has started accepting payments!

The inbred crypto clique is falling apart. Charlatans and FUDsters like Charlie Lee and Fluffypony are quickly losing control of the narrative as people wake up and realize that many of the "scams" they denigrate are actually superior projects.

Farmarket, a large Venezuelan pharmacy with 22 locations, is now accepting Dash via the Xpay payment processor! This is a rather important integration as it allows Venezuelans to buy medicine and other healthcare products.

LN showing signs of decline. If you want easy to use, instantly settled transactions with minuscule fees and solid privacy options, is really the only choice. Dash is digital cash.

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