Dash turns 5 years old today! That's 5 years of constant innovation that few other coins can compete with including:
- X11 Algorithm
- Masternode Network
- InstantSend
- PrivateSend
- 1st DAO
- Dark Gravity Wave
- Multi-Phased Fork (Spork)
- Budget System (Funding / Voting / 

The tyrannical behavior of @stripe perfectly highlights the need for and other monies free from centralized control.


@EdgeWallet, my favorite multicoin wallet, has integrated Bitrefill and Wyre. Users can now buy gift cards, including Amazon, directly from the wallet. And users get an extra 10% off with Bitrefill!


@DashNigeria_Biz has created instructional videos for beginners in order to help them get on board with !


Long but informative and interesting article on 51% attacks and why even ASIC resistant/GPU mined coins are just as susceptible as regular ASIC coins.


v0.13 has just been released to mainnet! Among the many improvements included are Instantsend by default with no fees, and improvements to PrivateSend. Please update your nodes ASAP.


More fantastic news for today - the overhaul of Dash Nexus has gone live which will greatly improve the proposal and voting process!


V.13, the largest code update in Dash's history and the foundation of Evolution goes live on Monday!


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Adoption is important but not if it requires sacrificing ideology. We must remain vigilant. There are many people who think we need to remain "neutral" with those who support mass extortion in order to gain adoption. I am not one of them.


Venezuelan government is going to accept crypto for taxes. They're starting to recognize the threat that crypto, in particular, is posing to their control.


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