's upcoming DAPI is going to throw the doors wide open to development and integrations. The hits just keep on coming!


More money was laundered using fiat last than than the total worth of the entire crypto industry. Any politician or bankster claiming that crypto should be regulated because of laundering is only trying to protect their own illicit activities.


Be careful out there folks and make sure you use a crypto like that provides financial privacy.


News Podcast featuring Jorge Farias of Cryptobuyer. It's the amazing work from people like Jorge that Dash is seeing real world adoption in LatAm.


Not only does ChainLocks prevent 51% attacks, but it also mitigates other issues such as selfish mining and mining empty blocks. Simpy put, nothing matches the security of . It's your money, shouldn't you use the most secure network in the world?


is focused on solving actual real world problems unlike other projects that use circular logic to justify their continued existence for bagholders coughbtccough


Forget the price of the immature market, is pulling away from all competitors in pretty much every other metric.


Ryan Taylor, the CEO of DCG, 's development group, speaks the truth about Bitcoin and how it failed to make a currency suitable for commerce.


MyDashWallet was compromised. If you had funds in the wallet between May 13 and June 12, consider your private keys compromised and move your funds to a new wallet. To be clear though, this didn't affect any of the apps developed by DCG.


Orange man bleats about crypto, market unites behind original intent of providing financial autonomy to the individual.


British Airways fined $230m for data breach. @British_Airways - if you care about your user's security, you need to start accepting as a payment option. Most secure payment system in the world, settles instantly, and has robust privacy features.


Poloniex and Lex Exchange both expand their trading pairs. Now if we could only get them to recognize Dash's automatic InstantSend! Guys - Dash is FULLY settled INSTANTLY.


While Gen Z kids may not yet care about speculating, they do want money that suits their lifestyle, which is especially well suited for.


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