Reddit is officially too gross for me today. It's not the propaganda, either, it's the delirious hope in each tribe's selected master. The only way to approach the Other Side is with fear or spite.

This is a good time for curating my community.

What music is everyone listening to lately?

I finally came across this absolute banger from Larken Rose, The Jones Plantation. His video "I'm allowed to rob you" stuck in my mind for over a year before I finally started really learning about liberty. Bless this man for his persistence and productivity.

Governor of RI just sent an emergency broadcast SMS:
"RIGOV COVID-19 ALERT: Stay-at-home advisory is in effect from 10pm-5am on weeknights, 10:30pm-5am on Friday/Saturday. Social gathering order is in effect and requires a consistent group of 10 or fewer. Masks must be worn around everyone you don't live with. Stay home when sick."
WTF Raimondo

Is the Enneagram a Trojan horse in the Church? Alisa Childers discusses this question with ex-astrologer now born again Christian, Marcia Montenegro.

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"Dark Winter" isn't just a media talking point or popular phrase. Unlimited Hangout has an informative article describing this and related topics:

I might actually be ready to leave Twitter behind. That happened sooner than I thought it would.

TV shows were so much more fun before I could see the narratives. Now you can tell who's good and bad by how woke they are.

The biggest ideological red flag for me: PERSUASIVE DEFINITIONS

A form of stipulative definition which purports to describe the true or commonly accepted meaning of a term, while in reality stipulating an uncommon or altered use, usually to support an argument for some view, or to create or alter rights, duties or crimes. The terms thus defined will often involve emotionally charged but imprecise notions, such as "freedom", "terrorism", "democracy", "racism"

It's pretty weird how gun control advocates think the gun is the problem, not the person holding it, and then turn around and say the problem with government is who is in charge of it, and not the institution itself.

Government's entire strategy for improving your life: make any intervention in response to some perceived problem. If the problem goes away, take the credit. If it gets worse: double down on the intervention and demand more power.

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The full interview is PACKED with insights into everything happening recently. I didn't really know Bret W before this interview, but dang. I'm 30 minutes in and it's just been me waving my hands at the screen, "Yes, that's right!!"

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"... the culture of science has become so rotten that [not investigating challenges to the status quo] is maybe standard operating procedure."

Bret Weinstein discussing disinterest in his discovery that lab mice are inappropriate for safety studies.

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The Senate’s New Anti-Encryption Bill Is Even Worse Than EARN IT, and That’s Saying Something

Right now, we rely on secure technologies like never before—to cope with the pandemic, to organize and march in the streets, and much more. Yet, now is the moment some members of the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees have chosen to try to effectively outlaw encryption in those very...


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When someone says masks don't cause problems, ask them why medical personnel don't keep them on for entire shifts.

Headaches and the N95 Face-Mask Amongst Healthcare Providers

I'm really frustrated with my "normal" friends. They are so fearful and so uncurious. No concept of questioning the official story or doing their own investigation into this stuff. I forget sometimes how long of a journey it is for some people to even start thinking independently.

These "X concept in different levels of complexity" videos are really delightful. Look at the elegance, the planning, and the craftsmanship!

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Christian theology teaches to love the sinner while hating the sin.

Anti-Christian leftists practice hating the Christian while celebrating the sin.

Christian unwillingness to celebrate the sin is the offense that cannot be overlooked [by hate].

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