I'm really frustrated with my "normal" friends. They are so fearful and so uncurious. No concept of questioning the official story or doing their own investigation into this stuff. I forget sometimes how long of a journey it is for some people to even start thinking independently.

These "X concept in different levels of complexity" videos are really delightful. Look at the elegance, the planning, and the craftsmanship!

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Christian theology teaches to love the sinner while hating the sin.

Anti-Christian leftists practice hating the Christian while celebrating the sin.

Christian unwillingness to celebrate the sin is the offense that cannot be overlooked [by hate].


In case anyone else has made the questionable decision to use to copy status updates from Mastodon to Twitter, you may eventually need to know that there's an undocumented Liquid string filter called "unescape" that reverses HTML escaping.

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I just super-glued my fingers together. If you're wondering how I'm doing now: 👌👌👌

According to the insider, Zuckerberg's recent behavior is aimed at getting Facebook broken up into smaller companies, which can each grow into their own titans. The new companies would form the foundation of a Facebook driven social credit system "Dragonfly".

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Get off of Facebook. Get people you care about off of it too. It's an intelligence agency project designed to give total insight into people's lives, and facilitate mass social manipulation. According to a recent Facebook insider, Zuckerberg is just a figurehead, brainwashed as a child and fully bought in to manipulation by his DOD handlers and others.

I'm cutting out caffeine again. For those who are considering it, you get about 12 hours of really bad headache, and about 48 hours of being really tired but having restless sleep. After about a week your adenosine receptors are back to normal and you feel more energetic on average than you did on caffeine. Caffeine is great for when you have to do a lot of driving but there's definitely a cost.

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An unbiased guide to find the right Linux distribution for you:

Twitter is having technical issues, and for a minute I wasn't sure how to tell everyone.

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My run through of the Librem 5 privacy and security-focussed mobile phone... What a joy to finally have it in my hands! My congratulations to the extraordinary team at Purism.
invidio.us/watch?v=Gvnt78mK-Ac #privacy #security #librem5

"Merck, Phizer, Senophi, and GSK, over the past 10 years, have paid $35 billion in penalties and damages for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for lying to doctors, on all their other medical products. So it kind of requires a cognitive dissonance for us to believe that they're not doing the same thing for vaccines, the only product they have that they can never get caught in, because there are no private attorneys out there that can sue them." - RFK Jr

New "Twilight Zone" themes in order:
Success is from sacrifice not quality
When you intervene, you can become the problem
Bigoted policing is only stopped by cohesive community
Secrets make people easily manipulated
Mindless faith in presidents is misplaced
Simulation theory
Men's capacity for violence can only be used for evil, or denied
Home is where you make it, not where you come from
Animistic gun myth; a gun that can kill on its own
Incoherent self-conscious mess

Saved you a watch

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LN showing signs of decline. If you want easy to use, instantly settled transactions with minuscule fees and solid privacy options, is really the only choice. Dash is digital cash.


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How to control the world:
Create a problem.
Guide the reaction.
Implement your solution.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic, aka problem-reaction-solution.

So to pass gun control, authoritarians would facilitate sensational shootings, that would get a big public reaction. And then people would beg for a solution.

Just one example: oklahoman.com/article/5560334/

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It’s sad to see so many people begging politicians to “do something” in response to violence. As if the very group at the core of the problem should be entrusted to somehow fix it.

Problem-Reaction-Solution. The people who pull the strings know what they’re doing.

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