What are the good things that came out of the Trump administration? They are "happy accidents" resulting from his personality, rather than actual policy decisions on his part.

My latest at LibertyWeb: libertyweb.org/?p=77

The unquestioned reliance on the government as the nation's "savior" has led to the general public ignoring valid scientific voices on the COVID-19 pandemic.


Is it good business practice to ruin the travel plans for hundreds of one's customers, as if all of them were domestic terrorists?


Are you concerned about your account being taken out by FB or Twitter? What is to stop the next social media platform from doing the same thing? The answer to avoiding online censorship is decentralized technology. My latest at LibertyWeb: libertyweb.org/?p=52

My latest at LibertyWeb:

No, It Wasn’t an “Insurrection”: Corporate Media’s Desire to Divide us Further



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