What if someone is against both bigotry and abortion?

To The Onion: The more often you repeat yourself, the more excuses there are for people to bring up refutations.

Get with it! Globalist baby formula is about to invade the US!

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The conspiracy theorists are not on the ball. Weren't they supposed to have baby-formula conspiracy theories ready by now?

So do the refugees fleeing Twitter and coming here understand that Mastodon is already free of partisan censorship?

I don't recall ever taking an Uber that was a Tesla.

Does that mean anything?

Last year's news: Democratic governments are incompetent.

This year's news: Non-democratic governments are incompetent.

"A uniformed officer approached, said his radio was not working and asked passengers to call 911."

Interesting affiliation: "Dnieper State University Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Reunion of the Ukraine and Russia, USSR"

What Lenin should have said:
"You can't make an utterly disgusting mess on the floor without breaking a few eggs."

I was inspired by a recent incident in my kitchen...

There's a common Libertarian cliche: Assume the regulation you favor will be enforced by your worst enemy.

I'd like to add another one: Assume the regulation you favor will be enforced by blithering idiots.

If the Ukraine War is similar to the war in Iraq, the fact that Saddam Hussein has not come back to life clearly means that Ukraine will win.

... or is a preposterous analogy only acceptable when it favors your side?

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