From Twitter:

Two strains of libertarians revealed by the pandemic:

1. We will oppose governments from using coercion to provide public goods by denying the problem.
2. Hey look, the government is using coercion to *inhibit* the production of public goods.

Sad to see so many in group #1.

If discriminating against people on the basis of covid status is unacceptable then ... Andrew Cuomo should be given a prize for insisting that nursing homes take in covid patients. After all, you can't discriminate against them, can you?

If doing what the government says makes you a slave then ... spelling words correctly makes you a slave.

... spelllling wrrds corectly maix yu an salve.

There's a way to make the WoT news worse: An announcement that Saddam Hussein has been revived from cryonic suspension and is ready to take over again.

The recent news reminds me of the following:

"They say
The price of my war's not a price that they're willing to pay..."

"You're on your own
Awesome. Wow
Do you have a clue what happens now?

Oceans rise
Empires fall
It's much harder when it's all your call..."

US forces will leave Afghanistan as soon as they finish putting up the gun free zone signs.

What we should have done in Afghanistan: Turned our policy over to the only competent organizations left in the US:
Pfizer, Moderna, Amazon, and SpaceX.

You can compare fake vaccine cards to lying while taking a loyalty oath.

"One might suppose a loyalty oath can be trivially defeated merely by lying or doublethink, but remember, the threat is not infiltration by individuals, but infiltration by hostile organizations. If the hostile organization tells its members to lie, it can never be sure if they are telling the truth."

It's never going to get better....UNLESS 

We question the science and help it get better by questioning it and coming to a conclusion which results in a vaccine that actually works

What science was based on before it became they can never be wrong and you can burn in hell for not agreeing with scientist becoming complacent

this is not about pro vaccine or anti vaccine this is about trying to help scientist get better by not allowing them to become complacent

My current practice on masking up in stores is as follows: I look around the store to see how many others are masking up. If most people have masks, I'll keep the mask off to let others know a vaccinated person does not need a mask. If most people don't have masks, I'll put the mask on to encourage others to say that a vaccinated person does not need a mask.

If there are 209 vaccinated cases in a population that's 90% vaccinated then you could expect (if the vaccines were ineffective) 23 unvaccinated cases. 115 are observed. That means the vaccine is 80% effective.

From the bird site:

JUST IN - Israel, where ~90% of the adult population is fully vaccinated, reports 3,849 new cases, severe cases spike to 324 (of which 209 are fully vaccinated) - Ministry of Health

If the CDC told us not to put beans in our ears, half of liberdon would be deaf the next day.

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