From the UDHR:
"These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."

Idealist translation: All good stuff! No bad stuff!
Realist translation: The rest of the UDHR guarantees hot air. Anything it promises can be set aside if someone influential decides it's inconvenient.

From that license
"The software may not be used by individuals, corporations, governments, or other groups for systems or activities that actively and knowingly endanger, harm, or otherwise threaten the physical, mental, economic, or general well-being of individuals or groups in violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights ("

Uh oh.
"Ehmke calls the OSD 'horribly dated' because it doesn't enable software developers to ensure that 'our technology isn't used by fascists.'"

Today I went to the David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing ... before they change the name. has blocked Liberdon.

That means we can conspire here and they won't know what will hit them!

I've read that the Chinese government is doxxing the Hong Kong protestors in a public database.

A suggestion for Trump: If the Chinese government doesn't open their markets, everyone in that database gets a green card.

Anti-fa is actually fighting the 4th note in do-re-mi-fa...

The right to cross borders should not be limited by alleged needs.

Is this article another case of prejudice against immigrants?

We need a Manhattan project to produce a carbon-free energy source. Wait a moment... We had such a project. It was called the Manhattan project.

Explanation: The SAFE Act includes ranked-choice voting, which lessens the "don't waste your vote" problem.

In the current system, you might have to vote for Adequate in order to block Horrible. In a ranked-choice system, you can vote for Perfect for the 1st choice and Adequate for the 2nd choice.

You can vote Libertarian without being a spoiler.

OTOH, if insurgents take over a major-party primary and nominate a socialist, the establishment candidate can also run without being a spoiler.

Svalbard is as close as you can get to a place with open borders

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Did I hear Andrew Cuomo this morning say "Hate didn't pull the trigger; the assault weapon pulled the trigger." or was it my imagination?

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