I noticed that nearly all the people criticizing the comparisons between the left-wing demonstrations over the summer and the MAGA rioters talk about BLM and hardly anybody talks about Antifa.

I just realized that now Pence is the de facto leader of the conservative movement.

Theory: The rioters were people who thought "Animal House" was a documentary.

Recruiting people who riot out of boredom may have been a mistake.

Recruiting people who believe in class warfare may have been a mistake.

Recruiting people who treat accusations as proof have been a mistake.

Recruiting people who think there's a "lump of labor" may have been a mistake.

Recruiting people who think the US is "full" may have been a mistake.

Recruiting people who think punching enemies upon accusation is an acceptable tactic may have been a mistake.

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Recruiting Democrats may have been a mistake on the part of Republicans.

It's amazing. A vaccine is held up for nearly a year but the anti-vaccine people roll out a campaign that only makes sense for a vaccine that's a rush job.

It isn't even for the purpose of fighting the Establishment. They can fight the Establishment much better by pointing to the delay. They're not really here to oppose "medical tyranny."

So... The Twitter Bean Dad insisted that his daughter figure things out for herself. How strange. Doesn't he know that in the 21st century you're supposed to pick a side and believe everything they say uncritically?

The daughter is being trained in thinking for herself and might grow up to be a sane contrarian.

This controversy is showing who believes in figuring things out and who believes in waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

Liberdon now works with Chrome but not with Edge.

Some people are complaining the vaccines are a being rushed and the regulators aren't holding them up enough. I'm reminded of the leftists complaining that social networks aren't censoring enough.

All problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone (2014)

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As a result... fans of chemical paradises will say "You can't get rid of drugs without jackbooted thugs breaking down doors of houses" and then act surprised when jackbooted thugs arrive. Or people might say "You can't abolish racism without schools banning hate speech!" followed by speech codes on campus. Or "You can't enforce intellectual property without a Federal censorship authority" and then...actually we turned aside from that disaster (for now) but it might recur. There are other cases.

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There's intrusive government in America because it's supposed to be unpopular. People who want X will tell people who want Y, "You can't achieve your goals unless you create a totalitarian regime!" This is to convince the opposition (who might not actually want totalitarianism) to surrender. It rarely works. The ethic of "Yes we can!" is even more basic to America than "Don't tread on me!" If you tell people they must create a totalitarian state many people will try to do so.

Adverse events following vaccination include ... being struck by lightning.
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IOW, maybe the intended text is actually true and the people who are encouraging the possemaniacs are spewing bulshytt.

PS: Whatever it is you're doing at 4 per million per day, do it earlier, please.

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Something I intended to post on my blog or twitter or disqus or here:

"Americans have shown the good sense to defy WHO by social distancing and wearing masks without being told."

People keep telling me the contrary and think they're making an anti-statist point.

OTOH, after the death rate goes above 4 per million per day in an area, there's a downturn soon. The downturn is too soon for herd immunity. (Herd immunity would stop 2nd waves.) The downturn also has nothing to do with public policy.

The real problem with complaining about stolen close elections is that it does not make much of a difference. If the fraud causes an election to be 49%--51% instead of 51%--49%, only 2% of the public was disenfranchised. (Also see slatestarcodex.com/2016/11/07/ , written shortly before the 2016 election.)

The House of Representatives just voted for a bill to decriminalize cannabis.

Now it might be possible to find out what the effects are. For example, are pot users more or less likely to regard facial masks as an intolerable imposition? Are they more or less likely to believe plastic straws damage the ecosystem?

BTW, keeping pot use down can be done without government: Just spread a rumor that pot is a GMO. Maybe you can add a claim that there's depleted uranium in the fertilizer.

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