One possible result of school closings and school mask rules: Students may be less likely to learn bulshytt from each other.

"There has been a fiftyfold increase in the production of chemicals since 1950 and this is projected to triple again by 2050..."
But enough about dihydrogen monoxide...

This is how to argue against vaccine mandates.

Instead of claiming they are unprecedented, point out that the precedents were absurd in the first place.

If the January 6 riot had not taken place, Trump would probably still on Twitter. He would probably have defended vaccines from Twitter. As a result, vaccines would be seen as right wing and critics of vaccines as left wing.

What effects would that have?

It looks like there really is quite a bit of excess mortality in the US over the past year.
It also looks like that excess mortality is concentrated in months of major covid outbreaks.

Judging by the pictures of Times Square last night, the lockdown is over.

Will the people who predicted it would be forever apologize?

Don't let a crisis go to waste!

If The Establishment is pro-vaccine, we can use vaccine metaphors:
Nukes are a vaccine against global warming.
Vaping is a vaccine against smoking.
Guns are a vaccine against crime.

I wonder what the reaction would be if the NIH and CDC put out a statement saying that they have determined that human embryos have a full compliment of human rights that are enforceable by law.

Lockdowns are analogous to banning pipelines and showers that work.They might possibly be justifiable in response to a sudden shock but are absurd as something permanent.

If this were Consolvo's Ulceration, lockdowns might be more analogous to carbon taxes. If the global warming crisis were bad enough, lockdowns until vaccines/nukes are ready might be justifiable.

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coronavirus : vaccines :: global warming : nuclear energy

To expand on this, masks are analogous to wind and solar. They can sort of, almost barely work (at lead in the pre-omicron days) if everybody pulls together, but not if there's any additional strain on the system.

Ivermectin is analogous to hydroelectricity. It can provide beneficial effects in some circumstances but is nowhere near a complete solution.

A suggestion for when we can declare the pandemic over: When the coronavirus death rate among the vaccinated population is less than the automobile-accident death rate among the total population.

If we want to be extra cautious we can change "automobile-accident" to "drowning".

Not doing something to spite everyone who is saying to do it is still just letting everyone make decisions for you.

Being independent isn’t going with or against convention, it’s taking each decision in isolation, looking at the factors and making your own decision.

Sometimes your decisions will line up with everyone else sometimes it won’t, but you are acting independently. Independence isn’t a performance, being contrarian can be just as much virtue signaling as being conventional.

If you're in the mood to ridicule social-science experts, consider the song "Gee, Officer Krupke" (lyrics by the late Stephen Sondheim), about how appeals to experts can be gamed. After all, the expert advice is a type of human behavior and differing brains might produce differing advice.

"The trouble is he's crazy;
the trouble is he drinks.
The trouble is he's lazy;
the trouble is he stinks.
The trouble is he's growing;
the trouble is he's grown.
Krupke, we've got troubles of our own!"

Something conservatives should be grateful for.

There has been no corporate boycott of Texas over the recent anti-abortion law. There have been whines about it; there have been threats of a boycott; there has been no boycott.

This is, of course, because capitalism makes people more respectful of human life.

If we have a hypothetical group of power-seeking maniacs who want to get the public used to intrusive regulations, one thing they might do is mandate stuff that actually makes sense. Another thing they might do is release nonsensical propaganda against following the mandate.

That way, they can pass an absurd mandate next time and get anybody arguing against it labeled a conspiracy theorist.

I just got my covid booster shot ... and LIVED!

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