The right to cross borders should not be limited by alleged needs.

Is this article another case of prejudice against immigrants?

We need a Manhattan project to produce a carbon-free energy source. Wait a moment... We had such a project. It was called the Manhattan project.

Explanation: The SAFE Act includes ranked-choice voting, which lessens the "don't waste your vote" problem.

In the current system, you might have to vote for Adequate in order to block Horrible. In a ranked-choice system, you can vote for Perfect for the 1st choice and Adequate for the 2nd choice.

You can vote Libertarian without being a spoiler.

OTOH, if insurgents take over a major-party primary and nominate a socialist, the establishment candidate can also run without being a spoiler.

Svalbard is as close as you can get to a place with open borders

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Did I hear Andrew Cuomo this morning say "Hate didn't pull the trigger; the assault weapon pulled the trigger." or was it my imagination?

If there's a massive crackdown in Hong Kong, will we see millions of Hong Kong refugees trying to get into the US? What will be the long-term effects of a few million voters who hate Communism?

Will the Republicans be dumb enough to try to keep them out?

If the War on Some Social Media is anything like the War on Some Drugs, will we see social-media dealers ruining parks? Will there be bootleg social media?

If there was a Pride March, should there be marches for other sins?

A Greed March on Wall Street, a Wrath March in either Portland or Charlottesville, an Envy March through gentrifying neighborhoods, a Gluttony March past 4-star restaurants...

30 years ago, the Lust March would have been at Times Square. Today it should be held in Hollywood.

The Sloth March was cancelled because the marchers couldn’t be bothered to show up.

Needless to say, other things also aren't "hate speech." I mentioned those two because they are currently under attack.

In case you were confused about what is or is not "hate speech," here are two rules:

1) Pro-bill-of-rights activism is not "hate speech."

2) Pro-life sermons are not "hate speech."

Will the next "right" to be championed by the Left be the right to shout down opinions you don't like?

Will any attempt by a platform to deal with that be treated as a violation of social-network neutrality?

The earth is knocked out of orbit by an astronomical event, and is slowly drifting away from the sun. You watch as the earth begins to decay, along with the people on it.
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