A month ago, I did an experiment. I put a surgical mask on and read my O2 level on a pulse oximeter. It read 95. I took the mask off and it still read 95.

I finally got around to repeating the experiment.

Mask on: 96%
Mask off: Flickered between 96% and 97%

Why couldn't the rest of you do that?

In April, parts of the Establishment started to recommend masks and the nerds breathed a sigh of relief.

In May, people who weren't paying attention earlier accused the nerds of obeying the Establishment.

Now in June, steam is starting to come out of nerd ears.

The mask timeline:

In January, the medical Establishment trivialized the pandemic and the my community (nerds) insisted on facing the problem.

In February, the medical Establishment awoke and ... banned testing and told people not to wear masks. The nerdo-American community stopped shaking hands and started hoarding masks.

In March, the medical Establishment talked about "flattening the curve" (but still opposed masks) and the nerdo-American community talked about "nuking the curve."

"The Swedish Constitution comes into play in another, more significant way, namely the strong independence of public authorities from government interference."

So... In Sweden, the government is independent of the government?

It sounds like Sweden's minimalist approach to COVID-19 control comes from their Deep State.

The also mention the claim that the "Limits to Growth" predictions are coming true. For an analysis of that see

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When you read the article, you will eventually get to the line in which it turns out that the IPCC disagrees with these "top" scientists.

Are large numbers of genuine public-health experts saying the protests outweigh social distancing?

We see large numbers of third-rate nobodies claiming to be public-health experts supporting the protests.

We see large numbers of genuine public-health experts emitting standard anti-racist cliches.

We see small numbers of genuine public-health experts saying the protests outweigh social distancing.


The point I was trying to make is that you were citing a source that is posting nonsense in a field I know about.

If the importance of an issue is measured by how many lives are at stake, the only protest that can outweigh coronavirus is the Right-to-Life march.

The protests prove that social distancing has nothing to do with the Left.

I was social distancing before it was "cool." I am still social distancing after it's "cool."

A week or two from now we will have evidence about whether large outdoor crowds can spread coronavirus in the late Spring.

If the current riots are being aggravated by school closures, I must admit that home schooling has a downside...

... unless that is also State propaganda.

Orion’s Arm Universe Project: Collaborative Hard Sci-Fi Worldbuilding

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Our enemies are to be punished, not optimized.

Hurting the outgroup is far more important to most humans than achieving good outcomes.
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If you follow me, you know I'm no fan of Trump. That said, if I was his advisor, I'd be saying, "If you need to golf, for God's sake, go golf. Get your mind off the pandemic for a few hours. Are you sleeping enough?" We can always do worse if Trump makes even worse decisions.

The Left has come up with their most fiendish plan yet. They're recommending policies (wearing masks and encouraging homeschooling) that actually make sense and thereby get people to avoid doing them.

A Socialist says what?

Yes, the IRS and more Government is always the right answer to help us not Freedom of Choice in use of our property and assets

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