Yep, they're having a party at

"back to bed now that the sjw's gone from my instance. rip"

I give you Jesus, the original Social Justice Warrior 😎

Hope that's not too offensive

Just not big on hate, thanks.

Instances are cheap as chips so that's actually pretty convenient.

I'm an 'SJW'? Haha

Guilty of committing 'seriousposting'.

Hmm that's a new one to me 😎


Sorry if roped you in there.

I see the 'Antifa = Nazis' thing a lot.

What a trash fire. 😐

@kaikatsu @devilish lain being... heavily involved with gnu/smug is kind of An Issue and one that makes me :sus_af: about whether the attempts to turn around pleroma's reputation can even be successful

like the fact that pleroma was birthed on the fucking gamergate github clone and still has a core of pretty... well you know the type of instances, like well, gnu/smug for huge starters... is a fuck of a lot to make up for

@devilish @kaikatsu like im not in the anti-eugen club at all and i have more issues with pleroma than i do mastodon re: some of the development processes but i am a huge stickler for being very upset about activitypub being designed by cishet white dudes who didn't think about security or privacy at all and my ultimate loyalty lies with whatever best fixes how leaky activitypub is

@anna @devilish I think the Pleroma dev team is far from professional (openly transphobic jokes from lain) but when it comes down to Mastodon having countless security flaws and an awful development path versus Pleroma being a bit edgy but professionally developed, I'll take the latter. The more it's used the better the community will be anyway.
@kaikatsu "small" pleroma has in excess of 30k active users, more then enough to sustain it's momentum even if it completely defederates from masto (which is still relatively unlikely)

Health care (under Libertarian views) is not a right.

But in an advanced, wealthy society its cost should be negligible.

Punk things to do:
-Break the rules
-Punch facists in the mouth
-Take care of your friends
-Conserve the environment
-Kill god

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