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I guess I am starting a new instance. Now that I have a (little) more depth of understanding of Linux command line, I may actually be able to manage one. I guess we'll see.

So the WaPo is trying to pin a rise in violent crimes on the spike in gun sales. Perhaps that correlation is not causation? Could it possibly be that both are caused by the current rift on society instead?

I can't wait for my new mask to arrive. I figured if I'm going to have to give into the government mandate then I'd make a (pretty bold) statement. My "Live Free or Die" mask should be here tomorrow, I hope.

You'd think that Mastodon would be more popular with the conservative crowd, considering how much they bitch about the bird site.

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I love how WOKE AF the Left becomes when a Republican is in power. Morons, your tyrants are just as bad and love war just as much.

The Boogaloo is coming. Will I fight? Will I be on the front lines? Will I be a sleeper cell? 🤷‍♂️

I posted a pic on r/FromPuppyToDog, and in one day it basically doubled my karma on Reddit. Of course, it did. That damn dog. 😂

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All victimless acts should be decriminalized.

This really isn’t rocket science.


So I disappear for a little while, and things are still fubar. Hell, we can't agree on anything. Even the great unifier of Game of Thrones is split. 🤦‍♂️

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So, #Islam is peaceful, eh? Can someone point out another religion that has pushed through capital punishment laws for consensual acts? In the 21st century, let alone 2019. I'll wait...

#ShariaLaw #SyariahLaw #Brunei #IslamKills

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If the most passionate homophobes are closet gays then what does that say about those who are adamant about delegitimizing Trump's presidency? 🤔

The point being if you hate Trump that much that you seek to tear him down every chance you get, could that just be that you are projecting because you hate yourself for actually liking his presidency thus far, and you don't know how to cope?

Food for thought. #MuellerReport

I'm a day late, but 😂😂😂

The leftists I am friends with on Facebook are flipping their shit from Barr's statement on the report. So. Much. Salt.

I do agree that the full report should be released because I want to know the unfiltered findings. Of course, there WILL be redactions, and those will just fuel even more conspiracy bullshit spun by the Left's blind hatred for Trump.

Also, the Left's salt is matched only by MY salt with the Left for forcing me to defend Trump.

Anyone complaining about a smaller tax refund is missing/ignoring reality because they're either ignorant and/or want an excuse to be outraged because Trump exists.

The reason why there are smaller refunds is because people are paying less in taxes through the year instead of it being refunded. The tax cut is real. It's nobody's fault except the financially illiterate that didn't notice they're keeping more money throughout the year.

I'm tired of idiots making me defend Trump and the GOP.

My commentary on this may be a little late, but I love Howard Schultz right now. The fact that he's rustling so many establishment jimmies right now is awesome.

If he does run for President, I'll probably contribute to his campaign. I still won't vote for him, but an offended Democrat is an entertaining Democrat.

@trayofbees JFC, dude. No good deed, huh?

Hopefully, the lady comes back down to reality for a moment to keep things from unravelling.

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Do you believe that if someone doesn't date trans people that they're transphobic? If so, why? I'm genuinely curious.

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@lipsticksocialist that’s basically where you end up if you maximize individual liberty. from that perspective the individual is under no obligation to help others. they certainly can and should, but it has to be optional since the first premise is individual liberty. unless you can construe not helping as a direct act of aggression i guess.

a side note, using “scare quotes” add an unnecessary emotional element to the conversation. right libertarians are people too, so it is valuable to find common ground because cooperation is how things get done. ideological purity really has very little utility.

Apparently, snark is lost over Facebook. It probably doesn't help that my uncle is a former LEO.

Sometimes I regret getting a dog. I just can't stomach the thought of him getting shot by a police officer.

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