Carey's approach applies to more than just cops. Absolutely, be a dissident towards the state and don't become desensitized to the injustices, but when you dehumanize your opposition then you will fail.

THIS is why libertarians will never band together or convince the masses, and it's why the left and right will continue to further the divide between each other.

Yes, there are bad apples. Loud ones, too. However, the majority of us are sincere.

@jake Let youngsters know that if they join the police they will be hated by normal people...

Showing them respect didn't work in the past and it won't work in the future.

There is nothing positive about the police. Anything good that they may do, could have been done anyway.

The UK is a bit different to the USA, but police here were supposed to be 'citizens in uniform' - paid to do full time what any citizen would do if they had the time.

@pperrin I don't see that going as well as you think it would. Besides, if we scare away all of the genuine people that want to be police then we're left with the corrupt cops. That just compounds the problem.

@jake Let the police be 100% corrupt and seen to be 100% corrupt then there will be no excuse for inaction. Keep them limping along and they can be 90% corrupt for ever.

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