Back from a long driving trip. Very glad to be home.

Would most people agree that prevention is preferred over abortion?

Adding a neural network AI to my Lexii crypto bot.

From the referenced article, it points out that donating money is considered free speech. I pretty much agree to that, so I have to think of another way. Limit the duration of campaigns? any other ideas?

Trying to figure out how to get the money out of US politics and elections. Does any other country do it this way? are there some better examples of how election campaigns should be done?

Lexii my crypto trading bot thinks she made a successful trade and made a profit. Testing only but this is really great news after all the extensive mods I have been making. I tightened up the Trend on the MACD indicator and let her have another run at it again. Hopefully she will be in good shape for the upcoming market turnaround.

@vantablack I live in Florida, one has to embrace their inner ogre, stay home, stay in the AC and use the internet....

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how do people even live in the country

how do you not blow your brains out being that far from civilization and surrounded by racist, sexist, everthingphobic shitheads and nothing but miles upon miles of dirt fucking roads

After many hours of coding, my crypto bot Lexii is starting to work. The latest effort was related to avoiding sync errors since the incoming datastream was not waiting to finish processing a previous update. She has only made 2 buys so far, (in test mode) but if she can sell at a profit, then she is definitely working better.

Still without power in wake of Hurricane Michael. Duke Power is not very good at response these days. One street over has power. WTF?

Calm before the storm. Michael is due later today and so far it is a bit rainy and wet. This evening should be the beginning of the effects here in Monticello, FL.

Very interested in the Senate vote on the Kavanaugh nomination. I hope it goes well for him.


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