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@insanityisfree I heard you on the burning boots podcast. They were incredibly rude to you. You handled it well, but I wouldn't waste any more time with them. They were rude to me, and I was just listening. Unsubscribed. I was only there because I heard the follow-up that was a better experience.

"There's no sense in putting trust in any government." - Rebel Inc

You're less than. At least, that's what they want you to think.


Theft, conspiracy, criminal underbelly... espionage. Your USPS did not fall far from its government tree.


My latest at Agorist Nexus.


BTW censorship hit the outlet hard. If you decide you want to support us, feel free to do so here: agoristnexus.com/donate/

And if you want to support me directly, feel free to do so using my CoinTree (every agorist needs one): cointr.ee/insanityisfree

Them: "Fuck Epic Games, and fuck Tencent."

Me: "If you want to oppose Tencent, ditch your iPhone."

Feel free to sign up for updates on this.

Remember when the frauds at Gab pushed out a centralized platform for comments and called it decentralized and censor resistant?

This will be that, but actually decentralized, and censor proof.

IRL Rebel Stream 4: It's August And We're Running Out Of Ice

UFOs, Covid, fake anarchists, and fascism.

This was live, but if you want to catch em in the future, be sure to sub and hit the bell.


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