Infact, lets talk about The Department of Education for a second, because not enough people know about this scam.
And it IS a scam.
The DoE's main function nowadays is managing the federal student loan program, thanks to guaranteed student loans on a federal level everyone qualifies for a loan no matter how sucky their credit is, so the DoE borrows money from the fed at very low interest rates, loans it out to student at high rates, and makes money on the spread...

What's worse, since everyone qualifies for a loan, Universities jack their prices because the baseline has been risen (they KNOW you can borrow the money, so to keep exclusivity they up their prices), these high tuition rates largely do NOT result in the money going to improving the school or paying the faculty, but instead line the pockets of the school's administrative board, which usually consists of defense contractors and big pharma lobbyists...

The Department of Ed is essentially a scam to funnel money from the fed, with interest payed for by students, to the Military Industrial Complex. That's why college is so expensive in this country, that's what your taxes are paying for, that's why we're a generation of debt slaves.
If you want to fix this you END THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, not waste more tax money on a multi-billion dollar "free college" bandage.

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