I'm Hugo González, a Venezuelan-born Mexican ancap and libertarian. I host the RadioBarraLibre podcast at libertarios.info/podcast. I'm a founding member of @mlmexico, @layapodcast and I've collaborated with the FreedomFeens and Mexico Libertario.

The FreedomFeens' "last podcast" on Stefan Molyneux, with two insiders. bitchute.com/video/L4wtm47aLQq One day I'll post my pic with my then-girlfriend and Stefan at Porcfest.

How do you know I love Star Trek?Answer: profiling.

I'm guessing everyone is security conscious and didn't reuse passwords, right? For all we know this could be a honeypot.

You may want to follow @mlmexico . I will post announcements about new episodes of (my podcast in Spanish) there.

This is my first toot here. I'm guessing this would be populated with free staters, NH folk and people I know. Let's see.


Liberdon is a Mastodon instance for libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc to sound off without fear of reprisal from jack or zuck. It was created in the wake of the Great Twitter Cullings of 2018, when a number of prominent libertarian accounts were suspended or banned.