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Another is here! So let’s keep growing ! Remember to , , & this !

As we all know, it’s season! Who do you think wins this year? Leave us a gif or comment on who you think will win, men’s and/or women’s.

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Two articles of impeachment were introduced in the Senate Thursday, formally marking the start of a historic proceeding that could potentially remove President Donald Trump from office. heartlandnewsfeed.com/2020/01/

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Atlanta has traded guard Allen Crabbe to Minnesota for PG Jeff Teague and Treveon Graham, league sources tell ESPN. Hawks get a backup for Trae Young.

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Carlos Beltran is out as New York Mets manager due to his involvement in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, sources tell ESPN. He is the third manager to lose his job in the fallout.

SEOUL (UPI) -- Samsung Electronics lost its top-ranking position in the semiconductor market last year, as U.S.-based Intel beat the South Korean company, according to global research firm Gartner. heartlandnewsfeed.com/2020/01/

SPRINGFIELD (The Center Square) -- A state lawmaker has filed a bill to end automatic pay hikes for state legislators.
Every year, lawmakers must vote to freeze their own pay, or it goes up according to the statute. # heartlandnewsfeed.com/2020/01/

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You look really smart when your own company's opener was the exact same style. Please teach Levesque about his promotion, fans and style to save the business. But hey, you'd be the guy mad when they started shooting jumpers instead of set shots. twitter.com/BaronCorbinWWE/sta

The dinosaur mainstream print media can suck it. We're RIP-roaring our way to a most excellent year to take down the competition and be the largest online medium in Illinois!

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Yesterday was extended to 2023 by @[email protected] and Today we are happy to announce that @[email protected] has signed a multiple year agreement with

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Huge thanks to @[email protected] for sponsoring Episode 4! This coming Saturday morning the saga continues. Mark your calendars.

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Today on my show: Robert Hays at 9:40am and Ivan Rodriguez at 10:40am.

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