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Oh, remember that danish study that was censored a while ago?

Now it was released and it came to the conclusion that mask wearing is close to useless (I think it had a 0.2% effect, which was too small to ascribe any positive value at all).

Also note that this does not say anything about the situation where you are sick and you want to protect others. But when it comes to you being healthy and protecting yourself with a mask, the study concluded that this is not useful.

Take that alarmists! ;)

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It's be great if government would get away from using useless case numbers and positivity rate. Far better and meaningful to use Hospitalizations and Deaths in consultation with local healthcare providers to set policy

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I hate crappy software. Like that on my android phone. Was getting 10% packet loss with my phone a foot from my computer. Fortunately, rebooting the phone fixed that. But it shouldn't have happened in the first place!

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Twitter keeps removing my likes, so retweets it is!
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6 people are allowed for Thanksgiving, but 30 are allowed for a funeral.

So I will be holding a funeral for my pet turkey that will pass away on November 26th.

Refreshments provided.

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People who keep pets contend that animals have rights and humans should not "murder" them for food. Ok cringey people: if animals have rights shouldn't they also be free from pet-slavery? Your cats want to go places, Karen. Stop being a tyrant.

Splendid! Let's remove yet another way for low income earners to move around freely!

"LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to announce next week a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, five years earlier than previously planned, the Financial Times reported on Saturday."

Somehow, when I look at old photos from the 1920s to 1950s I am always struck by how well dressed and dignified people looked compared with the twitter and instagram feeds of today.

I wonder if it was really so, or because a picture was a more serious thing then, or perhaps a combination of both?

I also wonder if I would be seen as a barbarian then, if I was transported to that time in my current clothing and with my current mental setup?

Dear libertarians, how do you balance principles with your loved ones?

At the extreme, I imagine that many (but perhaps not all) would sacrifice principles for the safety of our families.

But stepping away from the extreme examples (someone threatening to kill spouse/children) where and how do you draw the line between being true to yourself, and not driving your significant other crazy?

From time to time, I do experience this clash myself. ;)

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@h4890 @Rokken @gunkslinger "The difference between theory and practice is bigger in practice than in theory."

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Please people! The is not killing very many people. Treatment options are improving. It's NEVER going to be "eradicated" so enough already with the goonerment goonsquad restrictions on Liberty!!

Hello everyone,

If you were to build a new house in the somewhat remote (1 to 2 hours away by car from the nearest bigger city) wilderness, which type would you choose and why?

1. A-frame house.
2. Container house.
3. Something else.

Very interested in your opinions since I'm gathering inspiration at the moment.

A hacker in the “Hacker News” sense is more than likely working on an ad-supported web app and dreams of working at a FAANG. The old hacker dream is dead, sadly.

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Chicanery on live media broadcasts showing votes moving from Biden to Trump? Fraud!

RICO brought down the NYC mafia families in the 90s.

Election fraud/rigging is bringing down the political left now.

Same players for both: Barr, Guiliani, Mueller, Rosenstein... Trump!
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This says it all

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Apparently, covid-19 has the magical power to transform any random medical doctor into an expert political philosopher who has bridged the is-ought gap.

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“From each as they choose, to each as they are chosen.” - Robert Nozick

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Florida governor drafts laws that allow people to shoot looters

Can we have this in the rest of the ?

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