Whenever I travel for vacation and not for business I am always reminded of why I absolutely hate flying!

4 hours from Spain to the baltics with endless screaming (children and adults), talking, ipads with games on the highest volume, old women with way, way too much perfume, people not being able to sit still, delays.

Sigh... at least when I fly for business it is to non exotic destinations, at times that do not work for families, so the planes tend to be half full and quiet.

I (...)

@h4890 I hate flying in such conditions, I avoid it as much as I can. Some trains are ok imo and maybe one day I'll take high standard planes just to relieve my senses from common agressions.


Ahhh, that would be the day! =) Sadly my wife is way too economical to allow me to "waste" money on business class tickets or silent means of travelling. Hmm, but maybe if I sent her ahead to the destination by herself, I might be able to.

As for trains, living in the outskirts of europe, too much hassle. If I would live in central europe, I think I would take trains everywhere given good quality, reliability and schedules! =)

I even did look into buying a small plane, but (...)


@leonidas that idea quickly fell through. "Cheap" propeller planes are noisy and slow so it would take 7 hours to fly to spain if not more. And the noise... oh, the noise.

So, what's left?

Single engine jets. But that would mean 1.5 million euro, and operational costs on top. Too much of a waste even for me.

So the remaining thing is renting a private jet and I suspect it would be 10k to 20k EUR. That actually could work on special occasions, but not every month.

@h4890 I ended up with the same idea. When I'll be able to afford it, private jet rental will probably be what I will choose for most trips.


I think that this is perhaps an area where prices will drop. The modern single jet engine planes at around 1.5 million EUR, will lower price for rentals as well I hope.

Granted, you won't be able to move around, but it will be private and at least no other people around.

I hope that the price of those mini jets will bet between 2k to 6k EUR or so.

Have a look at this one here:


Maybe that will be the one! =)

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