Whenever I travel for vacation and not for business I am always reminded of why I absolutely hate flying!

4 hours from Spain to the baltics with endless screaming (children and adults), talking, ipads with games on the highest volume, old women with way, way too much perfume, people not being able to sit still, delays.

Sigh... at least when I fly for business it is to non exotic destinations, at times that do not work for families, so the planes tend to be half full and quiet.

I (...)


think next time I'm going to southern europe for vacation I should just drive. I wonder if I bought a luxury car that is _dead quiet_ on the autobahn, I wonder if it would make driving an enjoyable experience?

Probably not.

The other long term option is probably a Yacht. But I think the yacht idea will only become close to reality when I decide to retire.

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