Due to a harddrive crash I finally had some time to reinstall and this time I went with XFCE instead of Gnome.

What a relief and a breath of fresh air!

For the moment I think that XFCE is a good middle ground between resource efficiency and "lightness" and the ability to tinker with it, while at the same time getting all the built in goodness of all buttons working and being able to connect to a projector without any trouble at all.

Unless I discover some fundamental incompatibility (...)


XFCE is the only WM for me. Been using it for years now. Simple, just works, no BS.



For me it's been different WM:s during different stages of my life. When young I was running fluxbox and similar, very minimalist och focus on 100% customization.

Then came the corporate phase, with what ever WM came as default, because I just needed to get things working as quick as possible, and hence gnome.

Then, the last year or so, I started to look at the minimalists against such as dwm, awesome, i3 etc. But there was always the problem with buttons, projectors (...)

@TylerAbeoJordan etc.

So, so far, happy with XFCE as a happy middle ground. =)

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