Houston Police Officers' Union President Joe Gamaldi was unavailable for comment.


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The cop in Texas that set up the fake drug raid and subsequent shooting of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas has been indited on felony murder and tampering with government records charges.


If I had a ray gun with my choice of things it could do it would make people get "We are the World" stuck in their heads every time they had a collectivist impulse.

@jisatsu When people say that Hitler was a socialist, socialists will counter that he lied in order to get elected. I distrust people who say conflicting things about themselves, especially when they want power over everyone. I'm an individualist anarchist, so you can imagine that I don't want to be subject Sanders', or anyone's, changes.

@jisatsu The other thing about Sanders that I really distrust is his insistence on calling himself a "democratic socialist," but when asked what he means he describes social democracy. These are very different things and Marxian socialists often intentionally conflate the two.

@jisatsu He hasn't said it explicitly, but he has made statements (notably at a charitable award dinner) that he is against private charity, and his work indicates that he wants to eliminate it.

Have you heard of Thinkrace? They manufacture child-tracking smartwatches, often for other, better-known brand names, but security flaws mean location and even voice recordings could be accessed by others.

The best advice is to stop using these devices. news.yahoo.com/cloud-flaws-exp

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