@gunkslinger I suspect if they used something that was intended for that purpose, the deaths wouldn't be nearly as high. But hey maybe that takes some of the thrill out of it.

@Cowcidile Some people like smoking thunder, every bit of lightning.

@gunkslinger four days from now I am going to be trying to go to sleep and I will wonder to myself was I talking to someone about butt plugs?

@Cowcidile By then this convo will have scrolled off of your timeline into the bitbucket so you won't even be able to check. You're doomed to go through life wondering, like that guy in Memento.

@gunkslinger I will get the butt plug come and take it flag tattooed on my lower back

@Cowcidile You'll need a mirror to read it, and another tat to remind you what the mirror is for.

@gunkslinger I would be like an MS13 guy but anal toys instead of sugar skulls and random catholic iconography

@Cowcidile Save some room for ads for "novelty" and "marital re-invigoration" stores and monetize that shit.

@gunkslinger the Texas theme of your flag would play well with farmers only

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