Smart Contracts - Enforcing certain contracts programmatically, without the need for force (or even a trusted third party)

(Crypto ppl: this stuff is not my forte! Any corrections, suggestions for better examples, please let me know.)

@itsnotgov All I know is that Ehterium is supposed to be designed for smart contracts.

@gunkslinger Well, there's what's in the article there, and then there's also something really interesting called Dai, which is a stablecoin implemented with a smart contract. I didn't include it because there seems to be credible doubt about its long term prospects (or any stable coin's long term prospects) but the fact that it's worked _reasonably well_ is an astounding feat of engineering in my mind. I may change my mind and include it, but I like to stick to proven examples.

@itsnotgov I'm trying to remember where I read a little bit about smart contracts. It seems that they were saying that they are apps that run on the blockchain and are triggered by customizeable conditions to release payments, etc.

@itsnotgov Just re-watched the old ReasonTV vid on ETH and it only talked about blockchain-powered websites like online poker or social media. Anti-censorship stuff.

@itsnotgov I'm getting a lot of hits for smart contracts on DDG. What are you looking for specifically? General concepts or dev info?

@gunkslinger Well, check out the article I linked. (Perhaps you missed that I posted it?). I have one example on there: decentralized exchanges. It's enough for the article but it would be nice to have more.

I want something already shown to work (not hypothetical or early stage), I want it to be something the average person would expect to need the government for, and I'd want an unbiased source (more like Forbes, less like a crypto news site)

@itsnotgov I just finished reading the article. I don't think there are any well working examples yet. If you code it might be worth looking into to make some money. I'll look some more when I have more time.

@gunkslinger Just know that I was asking mainly for people who are knee deep in this crypto stuff already and may have had examples off the top of their head. So no worries if you don't know any!

At any rate, thanks a lot for your interest in the site!

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