Biden: Steps down after a month in office.
Harris: Becomes president.
Harris: Picks Hilary Clinton as new VP
Harris: Steps down
Clinton: Becomes president
Clinton: Picks Harris as VP again

"Friend got a taxi to work today.

Driver broke down over latest lockdown. Yesterday worked 14 hrs for £15. Last week made £70. He’s 5 months in mortgage arrears. Kids go to school w/ bread & beetroot sandwiches. Has sold car, tv & most furniture. Kids sit on deck chairs at home."

"Everybody must side either with the advocates of economic freedom or with those of totalitarian socialism."

— Ludwig von Mises, Planned Chaos

What the cathedral (the corporate press and their enforcement arm, the Dems) don't understand yet is that this was never really about Trump. He was just a disposable tool. What the cathedral really needs to fear is what comes after Trump.


Remember what you learned about stated preference vs. revealed preference and then ask yourself how serious of a threat "health experts" and politicians really believe COVID to be.

If this is the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence then we needn't have any fear of it taking over in the foreseeable future.

It would be more accurate to call it Artificial Incompetence.

reminder that the british literally have a holiday about that time some guy tried to blow up parliament.

Question for leftists to ponder: Is it possible that Putin was unhappy with Trump's performance as his shill and so this election he hacked the vote for his new puppets, Biden and Harris? How else can the idea that progs, soc dems, and dem socs would honestly choose candidates so far from their core values as opposed to the others who were much more friendly to them be explained?

Me: we are in the middle of flu season and I haven’t really seen any flu cases, why is that?

The left: everyone is staying safe and listening to experts.

Me: how are 100,000 people getting Covid daily?

The left: nobody is listening to the experts.

I'm only interested in the election because I need to know what to print on the crying towels I intend to sell afterward, "KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" (again?) or "VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO".

I have to be on top of this if I want to be first to market.

Little Tin Hitlers love the sense of authority that corona gives them, and they won't give that up willingly.

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