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Stability on the sea can be secured by building deep and wide. Some seastead designs require pontoons submerged below the surface. Other designs have many platforms spread across the surface.

In the past, I have discussed the illegal border searches of electronics devices on my radio show. Today, I experienced it personally while being detained for three hours by CBP. These unconstitutional searches are happening more than ever, but mine definitely wasn't random.


The Collapsitarian side of me wants to sit back with a big bowl of popcorn as GovCo becomes more and more idiotic with the likes AOC, but the misery and destruction it will cause if their policies are forced on innocent people makes me lose my appetite.

Gather 'round, kids! Grampa Walt is going to tell us a story! It's a story about Space Capitalism!! (Sal the Agorist is the guy that I get all my memes from, and this is Walter Block on his podcast)


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