Ever have one of those days where you go around thinking "SMOD, but unironically?"

I just saw images of a Ginsburg tattoo and a Hilary tattoo on two people's arms, and I wondered what would happen if they rubbed elbows with each other... other than everyone else in the room vomiting.

It's not a culture war, it's a cult war.

"9 lunatics in bat suits." -- Irwin Schiff on the Supreme Court

For those saying it's "too soon" to make fun of RGB, we have to do it now, before she's forgotten about.

"Trump should appoint Merrick Garland just to make everyone’s heads explode. It’ll be like that old Scanners movie."



It's because all Republicans are Socialists!

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Given Tucker Carlson and Cenk Uygur, why doesn't anyone ever talk about the Republican to Socialist Pipeline?

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