The replies to this bullshit tweet are great.

>Did you know pet groomers are *not* required to have any sort of licensing? There are currently *no* regulations in place in *any* state. Concerned after hearing that?

>Tune in and watch my report on @fox5dc at 4 pm, 5:15 pm, and 6:30 pm!

We've got a record 70 viewers on our live topless "She Talk Live" only on Odysee! Can we hit 100? Tune in here and be sure to follow the FTL Odysee channel at

Ross Ulbricht is growing watermelon in prison.

Why can't YOU be grateful? Why can't YOU make something beautiful out of your life?

So I guess this means those who dutifully did what they were told and got the jab will have to be locked in their homes while the rest of us irresponsible louts can go free?

Just when I think alt social media isn't worth it, I wake up to 40+ notifications on Mastodon. Over double the engagement as on the same post on Twitter. Maybe there's hope?

Boomercons: LOL, Facebook isn't a private company because they take govt money and the govt controls them!!!111

Me: The same thing can be said about farms, car manufacturers, and even you, unintentional-comrade.

Don't worry about not being the biggest. Also, good sportsmanship earns you more respect than winning does.

"The big conservative confusion is thinking that the men of 1776 were the men of 1789" -- Michael Malice

"There has never been a revolution in all of history; there have only been changes of management." -- Karl Hess

>REPORT: Police stand with the people against lockdown orders and out-of-control politicians. Austria.

This kind of napkin math starts you realizing what a burden on society government is, and makes you much more open-minded about replacing most or all of its functions with free-market solutions.

@ill_logic Coercive organizations don't think tactically. They're used to forcing people to do things their way and getting away with it, and don't know when to gauge when they go too far.

How many Bitcoiners sacrificed their principles for the Salvadoran hype and wholeheartedly backed a disaster of a coercive, unpopular law? I criticized it then and it's looking like I was right, but far too few also did the same. Even though, in hindsight, it was obvious.

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