Ask your Marxist friend if they think it's worth 6 pounds for a rose to put on Marx's grave. No matter what their answer is, remind them that they're conceding that value is subjective.

Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite and mine, the War on Drugs:

>Newly released bodycam footage shows Springfield, Illinois police accuse a man of possessing meth after it "tested positive" and pot (which is legal in the state).

>The field-test-confirmed-meth was actually just his *daughter's ashes*, which cops partially spilled on the ground.

Elon Musk should dive into development of safe micro-nuclear generators for residential use.

Not wearing a mask without getting vaxxed is stolen valor!!!1

The amusing part is that the establishment believes they still have power.
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JUST IN: Pres. Biden says the "rule" is "get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do"


Not a law... Just a rule. Rules are meant to be broken. So break them

I think it's hilarious that the command is for vaccinated people to not wear masks and unvaccinated people to keep wearing masks when vaccinated people are the kinds of people highly likely to wear masks and unvaccinated people are the kinds of people highly likely to not wear masks
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