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Virginia Supreme Court rules Charlottesville can't require freelance writers to pay municipal business tax.

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California Animal Shelter Introduces Policy Requiring Support of Gun Control for Pet Adoption

This guy is sacrificing the pets wellbeing on the alter of his ideology. He can't claim that he really cares about the animals.

My first article on Online Library of Liberty! Fidelio: Beethoven's Hymn to Freedom

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is now Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

Does the Balticon chair's apology signal a turning point in fannish bullying?

A guide for writers to common claims and falsehoods about freedom of speech in the US.

I don't care much about who's controlling the LP. Given America's current state, running candidates is ineffective. Gaining ground in the battle of ideas is necessary before turning to the battle of votes, and we've been losing ground.

You've seen all the tweets about the "Mises Causus booing Mises quotes." Now WATCH THE ACTUAL VIDEO.
The booing was thin, couldn't tell who was doing it, some quotes were applauded,and some got no reaction. But who needs facts when you can virtue-signal?

As the news pours out that the only thing the Ulvade cops did was prevent parents from protecting their kids, many on the left still insist that having the cops do exactly that is the way to save lives.

"We need more cops in the schools..." because next time the parents will know the cops will only handcuff them for trying to save their children, so they'll be better prepared.

Reading _Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave Ona Judge_. Ona Judge could be considered a proto-Free Stater. She fled to New Hampshire to escape the POTUS's power and found a community of like-minded people here.

A particularly insightful Jesus and Mo. Today, "non-binary" often means "failing to conform to sexual stereotypes."

Tariffs, protectionism, and overregulation led to a shortage of food for babies in the US, something which would have been incredible a couple of years ago. Biden's response is to expand government power.

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