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New on my blog: A discussion of Steven Pinker's _Enlightenment Now_, which I strongly recommend in spite of a few reservations.

Twitter is having a "major reorganization." Not a hint is offered, though, of improving on its abusive treatment of users.

Libertarianism is, or should be, as much as set of ethical principles as political ones. Don't use force against others except defensively; don't be complicit in others' use of force; protect yourself and those you care about against the initiation of force.

The Washington Post now considers which president appointed a judge to be headline-worthy information when reporting court decisions. Not rewarding the Post with a link.

Boston . com claims something called "Dirty Water" is the top Boston song. The notion that anything but "Charlie on the MTA" can claim that status is absurd.

Majid Khan was allowed to testify about torture by the U.S. only as part of a plea deal, more than 18 years after his capture.

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Holiday shopping for "smart" gifts? Check out @jcahealey's questions for assessing privacy risks:

• Does it connect to the Internet?
• Does it have a camera, microphone, or other sensors?
• How much info is collected?
• What happens to the data?

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Marcus Lamb, opponent of COVID vaccines, dies of the disease. His son: "There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a spiritual attack from the enemy. ... there’s no doubt that the enemy is not happy about that. And he’s doing everything he can to take down my Dad." In other words, God gave Lamb COVID to show his message was wrong.

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Uploaded my non-religious seasonal song, "Beacons in the Darkness," to SoundCloud. Heather Dale sang it better, but I can no longer find her recording online.

Got a survey in the mail from the ACLU. Returning it blank except for the Remarks section, where I say, "The ACLU has abandoned its mission of protecting liberties and is now just another promoter of leftist politics. I see no point in completing your survey."

The Biden administration's concern in pushing through the OSHA mandate isn't to get people vaccinated. It's to establish the power to decide on a whim who may work and who may not.

According to Woke Science, sex is "assigned" but sexual orientation is inborn and immutable. Trying to understand how both of those thoughts fit in the same head.

New book review on my blog: _For Faith and Freedom: A Short History of Unitarianism in Europe_. Michael Servetus was burned at the stake, and Francis Dávid died in prison, but they started the way toward religious freedom.

Kevin Strickland has spent most of his life in prison for a murder conviction based on no physical evidence, just an eyewitness account that the police seem to have coerced. His conviction was recently overturned.

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