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“Everyone I hate is a State Actor” is the new, “Everyone I hate is literally Hitler.”
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Sure, parents *say* they aren’t a state actor when they tell a kid to eat his vegetables, and yet the USDA also tells people to eat vegetables!

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Tweet from Lucy D’Agostino McGowan (@LucyStats), at 20 Jul, 4:02 pm - I've seen a lot today about how effective the vaccines are; mistakes aside, lots of folks seem to be mixing up which denominators matter - good thing statisticians *LOVE* denominators 🥰


I've noticed lately how often people say, "Shut up and get out! You're making me feel unwelcome!"

At a sub shop yesterday, I saw a sign saying they say "One nation under God," "Merry Christmas," etc., and concluding "If this offends you, there's the door." Their saying those things doesn't bother me, but their being rude to customers about it means I'm not planning to go back.

This morning on Twitter, I saw one or two hints of support for murdering vaccine snooprs. These people are dangerously insane.

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Das Ende des 20-jährigen US-Krieges gegen Afghanistan war vorhersehbar: Niemand hat Afghanistan erobert, und Washington war genauso dumm wie Moskau in den 1970er Jahren, es zu versuchen.

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If you use Audacity, it might be time to switch to whatever the community forks given it’s now collecting and storing data despite being an offline, open source application.

Here's one of my favorite songs, appropriate for Independence Day.

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"Too much power" doesn't mean the same thing in all contexts. "Facebook has too much power" means "It meddles too much in what users see." "The fed gov has too much power" means "It can take your property and destroy your life."

Writers and composers sometimes encounter publishers that won't just reject their submissions but will publicly smear them.

This is by far the best explanation of the LPNH chaos I've seen so far, and it still leaves me confused. I haven't been involved with the LPNH for about three years, and I'm going to keep my distance from all versions of it.

Good news. The Supreme Court has ruled that public schools can't punish students for speech outside school (with some exceptions, e.g., threats).

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Ready for summer travel? Make sure your travel checklist includes these simple digital safety tips from @StaySafeOnline:

• Use extreme caution on public computers
• When connected to public WiFi, use a VPN
• Turn off location services when not in use

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The mayor of Ft. Lauderdale gratuitously accused a member of the Ft. L. Gay Men's Chorus of terrorist murder in what the police have said was an accident.

Haaretz report on the food truck in Philadelphia that was cancelled by antisemitic threats, or perhaps because the organizers are way too easily intimidated:

The unveiling of presidential portraits is an exercise in royalist muscle-flexing. If Trump broke that tradition, that's one thing to his credit.

I deleted an old post of mine. It asked a question which I was able to answer in another post, yet people are favoriting just the question, apparently not seeing the answer. To avoid spreading confusion, I've deleted the first post.

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