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Trump is just a symptom. American politics has decayed into a way for people to impose their will on other people. Trump doesn't try to disguise his thuggishness. His supporters don't have to pretend to value reason and constraints on power.

Former GOP chair Jennifer Horn: "The Republican Party nearly sold its soul in the effort to elect Trump, and their deal with the devil is now sealed."

The people on the left applauding Twitter's ban on links to "unauthorized" disclosures may not have thought about its implications for reporting war crimes. Or they may really not care.

Which is worse: Four more years of Trump or the Democrats winning the trifecta? If the Dems control both houses, Biden in the White House might do more damage than Trump. I'm still undecided (and voted for Jorgensen).

Book discussion: The Neverending Story. The novel deals with the necessity and the dangers of fantasy.

My book discussion series now has a third post, so it's officially a series! This one is about Susanna Clarke's _Piranesi_.

New book discussion on my blog: The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine.

It's time for a late summer sale on both my books! The Magic Battery, a fantasy novel of the 16th century, and Files that Last, digital preservation for everygeek, both 50% off with the coupon code CK36F !
Good through US Labor Day (September 7).

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For your summer reading, here's a 1/3 off coupon on _The Magic Battery_. The Smashwords code is EU72J .

Here's a reading from The Magic Battery, where Europe's greatest mage must flee from a book-burning mob.

Another militarist president on the way. Biden claims the government's top obligation isn't to upholding its citizens' rights but to maintaining the welfare of its military.

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This remains, in my opinion, one of the best allegories about the importance of civil liberties.

You can order The Magic Battery on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, Kobo, or Apple Books.

Liberdon has become just a set of megaphones blaring into empty space. There was never a lot of conversation, but now there's none. I don't think I'll spend much more time here.

Good article. I came across it because Charles Stross was sputtering with rage at its suggestion he has any classical liberal tendencies.He declared Quillette "darkweb."

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