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Balticon dropped its accusations against Stephanie Burke and dumped all the blame on one staffer.

"A white rectangle hung over the city, imparting the date to the men in the streets below. In the rusty light of the evening's sunset, the rectangle said: September 2."
— Atlas Shrugged, Chapter 1

My closest friends' wedding anniversary is on September 2. Somehow I never forget that date.

Apple's AirDrop is incredibly insecure in its default configuration. If you never use a communication feature, turn it off. You can always turn it back on.

Took a deep breath and clicked "Send" on a new article. Such is a writer's life.

Maybe I'll set aside all day Saturday to read reviews and comments on The Rings of Power once people actually see it. It should be more fun than the show itself and doesn't require a Prime subscription.

Just came across this in a sample offered by an essay writing service: "The Reformation was initiated by Martin Luther King." A good advertisement for not using that service.

It was good to see so much pushback yesterday against the @LPNH 's sickening tweet.

Democrats are repeatedly claiming that handouts to college graduates, who are generally top earners, will "close the racial wealth gap." They don't expect anyone to believe it. They just want to get the white-collar vote.

But there's potential for some great cartoons. Free idea: Uncle Sam handing a check to a white guy at a desk, while nearby a dark-skinned, foreign-looking guy is getting into the cab of a truck with a sign "Only 42 payments to go" with visibly changeable numbers.

My latest article published by @Liberty_Fund , on Verdi's opera Don Carlo. A complex opera pointing at the beginnings of religious liberty in Europe.

I'm moving toward identifying myself as a classical liberal rather than a libertarian, not because my views have changed, but because the people using the term "libertarian" have.

When people falsely claim words are slurs, their goal is power, not justice.

On Twitter, if a woke calls you a Nazi and you object, you're the one who gets punished.

Live at 11 AM EST today, August 19: "Stand with Salman: Defend the Freedom to Write."

A -themed, SF-themed post on my blog today: The Lady of the Artilects and Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki (whose name I may someday learn to spell without pasting).

"Am I allowed to write about...?"
This blog post provides a one-word answer and a slightly longer one.

Has anyone looked into Gettr or gotten an account on it? I first heard of it today. It claims: "Created to combat online censorship, GETTR give its users a platform to share diverse opinions without fear of Silicon Valley's tyrannical overreach."

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