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Decades ago there was a neoconservative movement, but today the word is used exclusively to bash other people. Neoliberal is headed the same way, if it isn't there already. It's convenient to attack people for being part of a nonexistent movement.

The right is very scary at times, but the left is in my experience nastier on a personal level.

I'm seeing a few cracks in the fear of supporting a boycott of the Chinese Worldcon. Xi's stooges know the power of made-up accusations of racism, and college admins love Chinese money and punish criticism of China, so there's still a long way to go.

Twitter is down for me and a lot of other people.

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The 2022 Prometheus award for Best Novel goes to Rich Man's Sky by Wil McCarthy. Heinlein's Citizen of the Galaxy (a favorite of mine) goes into the Hall of Fame.

Umlauts, eszetts, strange foreign words: How do you properly insert them into English text? Here's some advice.

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Sensitivity reading is not about protecting readers, it is about controlling writers. It should be rejected with all of the other woke nonsense that is contributing to the rot of our society.

While I keep changing my mind on which side is more dangerous, the left consistently outdoes the right on acting like jerks at a personal level. At least that's my experience.

US president cozies up to thuggish government head. Not much has changed since Trump's term.

If you're a college student, supporting a boycott of the Chengdu Worldcon could be dangerous. Which is one more reason to boycott it.

Interesting note on interracial marriage: In Numbers 12, Miriam criticizes Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman. God punishes her by making her skin snow-white with leprosy. (God always had a cruel sense of poetic justice.)

The latest insane "libertarian" fad is to propose unlimited power for the states.

Virginia Supreme Court rules Charlottesville can't require freelance writers to pay municipal business tax.

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California Animal Shelter Introduces Policy Requiring Support of Gun Control for Pet Adoption

This guy is sacrificing the pets wellbeing on the alter of his ideology. He can't claim that he really cares about the animals.

My first article on Online Library of Liberty! Fidelio: Beethoven's Hymn to Freedom

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is now Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

Does the Balticon chair's apology signal a turning point in fannish bullying?

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