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Mailchimp collects a _lot_ of information on you when you open its mail as HTML. Don't believe me? Let them tell you.

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If someone is teaching racism--no matter their excuse--they do not mean well. They mean to set "black" against "white", and to destroy all progress toward equality.

Those who value human beings should never give a pass to those who only value certain "races" of human beings.

The only explanation I can think of for Louisiana HB 813 is pure murderous malice.

Attorney General's office brings out the old lie that there's a "hate speech" exception to the First Amendment.

Libertarians should be telling the pro-choice world that the doctrine of unlimited government power has led to the possible downfall of Roe v. Wade and that they need to adopt a strong pro-individual rights position. What I'm mostly seeing is "If you didn't support Freedom X, don't claim you support bodily autonomy." How does making people more consistent statists help?

About 15 years ago I reached the level of competence where Germans accepted my German and didn't switch to English. This year, for the first time, I had the sense they _assumed_ I could speak German and weren't merely tolerating my efforts.

Maybe I shouldn't have made this trip to Germany, but you have to do something crazy occasionally.

Almost got blindsided by this one. The US requires a negative COVID test not more than a day before getting on a plane to go back to the US. They apparently don't care if you make people sick on the way out, just coming back.

Many people leaving Twitter, many coming back. It's all fine if they end up where they want to be. I've revived my account:

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People keep telling me that COVID lockdowns are over. If only they knew about the people starving in China right now, where lockdowns are still on-going.

I wonder how many of the people who growl that caring about human rights in China is "racist" have jobs that depend on the Chinese government's favorable treatment.

No one talks about the two biggest designed-in security holes in email: (1) HTML mail.
(2) Hiding the sender's email address.
Patching a sieve is a pointless exercise.

Grammarly told me "individual identities" is redundant. It's right.

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