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People are trying to ban candidates from public office for advocating rebellion. It's an old story, except that this time it's the left that's doing it.

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Fauci admits to wanting unchecked power. There's a word for what he wants: tyranny.

All net proceeds from _The Road to Freedom_ through the end of April will go to Doctors without Borders. Or you can download the album for free and decide later if you want to pay.

Sloppy reporting as always: A BBC article refers to Oleg Tinkov as a "Russian oligarch," Then says Tinkov "has previously denied having any close relationship with President Putin or the Kremlin." These two statements are mutually exclusive, yet the article doesn't detail any of Tinkov's powers or attempt to show his claim is false.

A popular video attributes the ridiculous statement "This is the worst thing anyone has ever done on a plane" to Ilhan Omar in its thumbnail. As far as I can tell, this "quotation" is totally made up.

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Some people singing religious songs on a plane have driven other people to absolute fury, and still others to absolute fury at those who were driven to absolute fury. Surely there are better things to be furious over.

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The CDC has treated COVID as an opportunity to grab all kinds of extralegal powers, and it wonders why people don't trust it.

Why do so many websites, including ones managing people's money, encourage bad security practices? One of the sites I use redirects me to a domain with no apparent connection to itself for logging in. It took a lot of messing around before I decided it was legitimate.

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lol, a copypasta I posted on reddit is now at -20 points, while a response saying "calm down, it's just a copypasta" has 27 points

Reddit users hate subtle humor, but coom at the thought of being spoonfed an explanation of a joke.


Reddit was a garbage website ten years ago. And it's still a garbage website today.

Trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. It doesn't look encouraging at first glance. Kissing Vulcans. Uhura's ugly haircut. The overall look, with alternating darkness and flashy special effects.

Let's start a new conspiracy theory: All poetry today is produced by AI. The people who claim to read their own poetry at gatherings are actually Deep State operatives.

Bards Aren't Real.

Easter is the glorification of one of the vilest religious traditions: human sacrifice.

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