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(3) All members of some racial groups are racist. That's where it falls apart. It contradicts (1); how can your thinking be determined by how others classify you? It doesn't fit well with (2); to the extent that institutional practices create inadvertent discrimination, there's no need to ascribe racism to individuals. It also happens to be a racist claim. 3/3

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(2) Institutional practices have a racially discriminatory effect even when that may not be their intent. Also true. Examples are licensing laws, zoning laws, and arbitrary schooling requirements. This is called "systemic racism," which is confusing. 2/3

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The popular form of Critical Race Theory seems to consist of three premises that add up to an incoherent whole.

(1) Race is a social construct not rooted in biology. This is 100% true. There are genetic clusters, but there's no scientific way to divide the species into subspecies. 1/3

Just watched the trailer for Moonfall. The competition of "most ridiculous space movie" is intense, but this one is definitely in the running,

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A U.S. govt study finally acknowledges that the federal court system has been "under-reporting the amount of wiretap orders that are actually issued & for failing to keep up w/modern tech & surveillance techniques."

@alfredwkng reports.

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DC Attorney General sees no difference between a riot in which no one was killed by violence and the intentional destruction of two skyscrapers and murder of thousands.

Palpatine, Lord Voldemort, and Sauron are jointly conducting an attack on every school in the United States today with their invisible army. Naturally, the response is to encourage panic-spreaders by panicking.

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From my kids's schools. Has anyone else heard this?
"Dear HVS families,
We've been notified by local law enforcement regarding a social media challenge encouraging students to make false threats in order to force school cancellations for tomorrow. This is a nationwide "challenge." Please make your children aware that such actions may result in serious legal consequences. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to manage these issues.
HVS Administration"

Cop terrorizes two kids and threatens their mother. Court says no problem.

My opinion of Ilhan Omar has just sunk to rock bottom. My opinion of the House of Representatives was already there.

People are complaining that the Salvation Army won't say America isn't racist, yet no one is complaining about its claim that all non-Christians will go to Hell.

This survey suggests that a lot of Americans favor a "Your papers, please" state. But the explanation of the survey is garbled; there's nothing in the article about what sort of proof of vaccination would be required or how the tax would be collected. Bad surveys can prove anything (or rather, they prove nothing).

On _Young Sheldon_, Sheldon's grandmother runs an illegal gambling operation in the back of a laundromat. The cops shut it down, and the chief admits it's largely for the publicity. She reopens it using a transparent dodge, and this time the cops extort "donations" out of her. The lesson to the viewer is that corruption and extortion are a normal and acceptable part of life.

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No idea what prompted this attack of conscience on the part of Denmark's judicial system, but it warms my heart to see a fascist abuser of foreigners and youth suffer some taste of justice, even if the sentence is still far too light for what she did.

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