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The CDC added to vaccine FUD by not recommending the COVID booster vaccines for sub-65 adults. States are ignoring this nonsense.

Reading _For Faith and Freedom: A Short History of Unitarianism in Europe_. It's got some inspiring stories of people who challenged the religious orthodoxy. Sometimes they were burned for it, but they advanced the cause of religious liberty.

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DuckDuckGo’s Android anti-tracking protection does what Google won’t

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In the dystopia of _Anthem_, people can get into major trouble for using the wrong pronouns. Rand would have been amazed and horrified to know how prescient she was.

Joy Reid sees nothing wrong with a prosecutor pointing a (hopefully unloaded) gun at the jury. By way of support for her position, she intentionally misspells words.

The ACLU, once an organization that defended civil liberties, claims that having to pay back what you borrowed violates something called "racial justice."

My annual reminder of why I don't give anything to the Salvation Army, a church that tries to make people forget it's a church.

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Automated surveillance of drivers by their cars is a part of "infrastructure," according to Biden.

More lockdown craziness: Austria bans unvaccinated people from leaving their homes except for "essential" purposes, but they can send their under-12 kids out.

On November 11, the number of new COVID cases in one day in New Hampshire hit an all-time high.

Came across another news article citing COVID positivity rates instead of per-population infection rate. I think I know why. People get tested when they think there's a chance they have the disease, ergo the positivity rate is much higher than the per-population rate. This makes for scarier news. Scary news sells.

The involuntary 2FA here is getting really annoying. I've been getting it almost every time I log in. The worst part is that half the time, after I confirm with the emailed code, it tells me my email address or password was wrong. First, this is unlikely, since I use a password manager. Second, why send me a code if I used the wrong password? This is already cutting into my inclination to use Liberdon.

This involuntary 2FA is getting annoying.

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