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Boston . com delivers the shocking news that the percentage of the Massachusetts vaccinated population who have reported a breakthrough case has been "steadily increasing." They don't mention that it's virtually impossible for it to do anything else, since it's based on a cumulative total.

News sites are calling Michelle Wu the first "person of color" to be elected mayor of Boston. People think Chinese-Americans have yellow skin. Donald Trump is closer to that color than any Chinese I've ever seen.

Disappointing discovery of the day: Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) never ruled in Transylvania, though he may have been born there. He was ruler of Wallachia, to the south of Transylvania.

People misuse statistics because they don't understand them or because they're trying to manipulate others. When it's WHO, assume the latter.

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Pope Francis believes in medieval superstitions. One of the real-world consequences of this is that innocent people, including ones needing medical treatment or psychiatric help, are accused of being possessed by demons and subjected to exorcism rituals.

Don't call the enemies of open discussion "snowflakes." They hold a great deal of power and want as much more as they can get. The "hurt feelings" ploy is just a tactic for silencing their opponents.

While driving through Pennsylvania, I noticed signs for the "President Biden Highway." Not even the "Joe Biden Highway." I wonder if they're planning to rename it when he leaves office and licking his boots won't serve as useful a purpose.

Reputation and trust are important in a free society. I was thinking today about ways that a blockchain-based reputation network might work and be immune to gaming. Then I thought of how so many people love to destroy reputations just for fun. Finding a way to keep them from wrecking the system is a very hard problem.

Arbitrarily declaring words offensive is a gateway drug. It doesn't seem as malicious as ganging up on people for fun, but its logic leads to denouncing anyone who refuses to stop using those words. In some cases, it leads to denouncing people who even refer to those words as used by others.

I switched my Internet from Comcast to T-Mobile 5G. Everything looks good so far, except that I can't get my vaccination to connect to the local network.

It's easy to imagine other shops retaliating, banning socialism or critical race theory on their premises. As our society gets more tribalized, it could become more common. But I suspect that the stores will notice that these hostile signs at their entrances are causing a drop in business and will quietly remove them soon. (3/3)

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People have generally been thought to have broad leeway in their shopping choices. They can prefer vendors of their own religion or ethnic groups. That's considered unacceptable discrimination when practiced by businesses. Will those shops kick customers out if they suspect them of discriminatory shopping? (2/3)

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Yesterday I saw two stores in the Mall at Rockingham Park that banned "racism" and "discrimination" inside. One even declared "zero tolerance." Stores restricting customers' thoughts and personal choices are a disturbing trend, no matter what ideas they banish. (1/3)

New on my blog: Some uses for private windows beyond the obvious. They're helpful to writers and researchers.

"Intellectuals hate progress. Intellectuals who call themselves 'progressive' _really_ hate progress." --- Steven Pinker, _Enlightenment Now_

Did some checking on today's Jesus & Mo cartoon and found there are _still_ Muslim fundies who claim drinking camel urine is good for you.

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