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The heckler's veto strikes again. "We were concerned that individuals from outside our community might inadvertently distract from the insights and perspective that she intended to share."

Twitter decides that @DPRK_News , which has been running for years and has hundreds of thousands of followers, is an "impersonation" account and gives it the boot.

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Worth noting: I have suggested a strategy for the global struggle for freedom to not only gain from but lead this transformation. The melding of this great turn with sating the masses' yearning for a new and free world order could be explosively powerful.

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It's that time of year again, so here's why I don't give money to Salvation Army bell-ringers.

Salem, Mass., requires practicing psychics to be licensed. This has nothing to do with making sure you have "real" psychic abilities; it's all about restricting competition.

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New on my blog: Working from home doesn't make you or your work "virtual."

UK schools introduce face recognition, using fast lunch payments as the carrot and COVID as the stick.

I was going to delete the tweet which Twitter falsely called "targeted harassment" just so I could post a thread of "goodbye and good riddance" tweets. But in order to delete it, I have to make a confession of violating the rules. Twitter's appeals process is specifically designed to punish the innocent

Stories of administrative bullying like this one from Yale have become routine. The educational system is in ruins.

Rep. Jim Banks voted to compel women to register for military slavery because "the good outweighs the bad." In other words, human freedom is secondary to sending troops into lots of countries.

Calling someone "selfless" is a devastating insult. Obedient storm troopers and screaming mob rioters are selfless. They've discarded their personal identity and values for group conformity.

Protestors invade a government building in DC. Security people are injured. A building is vandalized. The left is outraged at this insurrection. OK, I made that last one up.

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