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October in New Hampshire isn't supposed to look like this.

My "Spread the Word" list on YouTube. Currently all the videos are from the Institute for Justice, but this hasn't been true in the past and will probably change in the future. They just have a lot of good videos about government outrages.

Yow! My Medium writer payment for this month was 78 cents. Someone must really love my writing!

PA Representative Rabb complains about being threatened. Maybe he should learn not to threaten people.

Doing a Google search for what happened before a big news story can be hard, but it's easier if you know the trick. Here are a few tricks for narrowing down search results when doing research.

The latest claim about the COVID vaccine, promoted by a New Hampshire state representative, is that "live, self-aware critters" with "tentacles," as well as a "tiny computing system," are in the J&J and Moderna vaccines.

At least now we know who's playing the guitar pedals.

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<<A regional task force of DEA agents and Tucson police officers had boarded one of the cars to do a typical check for illegal money, weapons and drugs. It's a common occurrence at all transit hubs, Magnus said.>>

? ?

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Things to not buy: Amazon Astro, an autonomous, Internet-connected, roving surveillance robot.

"...if a 3rd party gained access to that robot, what would it see, what would it hear, & what could be done w/that info?" - @mguariglia in @jmorse_'s report.

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Anyone surprised that FB is trying to control public opinion of FB through its own News Feed? Nope.

@RMac18 & @sheeraf report on Project Amplify, a FB initiative aimed at pushing pro-Facebook news items to aggressively reshape its image:

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PSA: If You Have Liberals In Your Neighborhood, Remember To Check Your Kids' Halloween Candy For Hidden Vaccines (Babylon Bee)

As the media hysteria over COVID increases, the number of new cases in the US is clearly in decline.

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" is equivalent to "one man's torture is another man's enhanced interrogation."

The 1967 Kerner Commission Report said, "Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white." It was supposed to be a warning, not a goal.

Finding all kinds of interesting stuff on how Twitter works (or doesn't). One person was permanently suspended for not doing things to get suspended.

Here's my blog post on misusing the nominative case, plus one case which is disputed but I don't think is misuse.

"Anti-vax" is such a conveniently flexible term. In this article, it means "opponents to vaccine mandates and an immunization registry," not people opposed to vaccines.

Twitter status: No change. As garym03062, I'm still in the "Appeal" queue for a fake accusation of "targeted harassment" on August 25. As filknews, Twitter won't let me use the account till I provide a phone number. I know there are workarounds for the latter, but why bother?

Yesterday tens of thousands of people died after getting out of bed. Stay in bed!!

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