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If you're looking for inspiration for space aliens, forget humans; dinosaurs, birds, and other archosaurs are rich and barely tapped veins.

Read more at my blog:

This post's featured image is "Portrait of Louise-Elisabeth of France with her son" by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1780s).

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The death penalty is bad enough in itself. Having a death sentence hanging over one's head for over 20 years goes beyond outrageous, but it's the norm when people are sentenced to die.

If you reject a false accusation by Twitter and don't delete the tweet which they claim is "targeted harassment" or whatever, they suspend you indefinitely. They call it an "appeal," but you're denied all access to your account as punishment for appealing.

God: Hello, human. I'd like you to repent of your sins so I can forgive you.

Human: Wait, you're God? The one who drowned almost the entire human race, firebombed Sodom and Gomorrah, and ordered the massacre of Canaan's cities?

God: That's Me. Your point?

Human: Oh, I'm just a little confused about who should be asking who for forgiveness.

God: It's simple. I can make you burn in Hell forever. You can't make Me burn for even a minute.

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"There are two big reasons why people get hacked. Flaws in software and flaws in human behavior." Although the software is less in a user's control, there are actions people can take to protect themselves online.

@mattburgess1 shares what those are:

Original tweet :

Twitter has kept me off for more than a week for joking about the health hazards of Krispy Kreme. That's longer than M.T. Greene got for saying vaccines don't work. This article let me figure out what's happening: Twitter pandering to the mob once again.

I hadn't noticed that blocks access from 99+% of the Internet (everyone who doesn't have an account). It makes it pretty useless if I want to build readership.

I published my essay as a blog entry. At first I thought it didn't show up in my profile, but there was just a delay. However, what appears in the feed is just the picture which it required me to upload, not any text except the title. There's just a link to click on to read it.

I'm having trouble submitting my phone number to to establish uniqueness. After several tries with the same number, which got a cryptic error message, it locked me out temporarily for too many tries.

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I've decided to play on Minds a bit to see where it goes. Subscription recommendations are welcome. Here's my first essay:

Just looked at /r/Libertarian on Reddit to see if it had become worth participating in. It's a worse garbage dump than ever.

A New Hampshire state representative proposed using deceptive information about immigrants spreading COVID as a tool for promoting secession. Ironically, Rep. Michael Sylvia of Belmont is himself an immigrant to New Hampshire and claims to have come with the Free State Project.

A serious concern with Apple's scheme for finding child porn on your iOS device is that Apple, and perhaps others with the right backdoor, can plant files on your device. A few years ago Apple caused outrage when it deposited a U2 album on everyone's device without their consent and at first made it impossible to remove.

My best friends' wedding anniversary is September 2. For some odd reason I never forget that date. Their marriage turned out much better than Jim Taggart's.

Ah, here's an article that says he "did not say whether he was vaccinated." Declining to answer is an important datum too.

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I can't find any news article that says whether Joe Rogan was vaccinated against COVID-19 (which he recently was sick with). You'd think that would be an important datum, whether he was or not. The most I can find is a February article saying he wasn't planning to get the vaccine. Once again, news sites are more interested in their narratives than in reporting.

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