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A riot-control team is resigning as a group after Corey Budsworth was charged with assaulting a photographer. I would like to thank them.

Dumbest comment ever made on Juneteenth: "This is similar to what God instructed Joshua to do as he led the Israelites into the Promised Land. A national celebration of Juneteenth, state by state, serves a similar purpose for us." No, Juneteenth is not about the massacre of entire cities.

Historical note on Juneteenth: The actual date slavery was legally abolished in the United States was December 2, 1865, when the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified by enough states. Kentucky (at least) had slavery right up to that date. But I grant the issuing of an order by a military official in the last Confederate state is more dramatic than a state legislature's vote.

Yelp continues to have racially segregated listings. I continue not to use it.

When governments give big handouts to sports franchises, they can tell them what to do, say, and even what music to play.

Not all people who decline COVID shots are fanatics. Today my barber told me she was unvaccinated. When I asked why, she said she never or almost never gets shots or medications for anything, and so far she's gotten through well. Since I'm vaccinated, I didn't flee, but I think I'll switch to a different barber. I'll be moving soon anyway, which will put her 5 miles farther away.

COVID rates are way down in Massachusetts, but they're still enough of an excuse for the legislature to burden property owners who want to evict tenants who don't feel like paying their rent.

June 16 is Adam Smith's birthday ... maybe. Britannica says he was baptized on June 5, 1723, without giving a birthdate. Several other sources say he was born on June 16. Probably it's an old calendar vs. new calendar issue, but the 11-day difference would work only if Smith was baptized on the day of his birth, which would have been unusual.

The headline and some statements in this article imply Garland's voting rights push is partisan, but it doesn't give a quote to back that up. It's as if the WP thinks it _should_ be partisan.

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NH News: Psychiatric patients were being held involuntarily in emergency rooms for extended periods of time without due process. The State Supreme Court ruled last month that they couldn't do that for more than three days under NH law.

Senate Health & Human Services Committee just voted down an amendment to add "medical protective custody" as a way for hospitals to keep them a bit longer without a chance for disputing their confinement.

Good article, more detail, here:

Here's another weird tweet from the LPNH, where it tries to go woke:
"If you see someone advocating for increased taxation or government services, they are probably a White supremacist."

The Libertarian Part of New Hampshire — more precisely, the people who managed to get its key positions — self-destructed on Twitter today. Lots of libertarians from NH and elsewhere are dissociating themselves from it. Brian Shields, whom I regard highly, has quit his position.

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Is about like dancing about architecture? Both are possible, and the first can be done very well. I've written in my blog about the first, with lots of examples.

I don't think I got that quite right. Further research disclosed there's a "public health surveillance" exception to HIPAA. If you think that sounds creepy, that's because it is.

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The answer appears to be that California requires people who get vaccinated to report it to the state. That's an end run around HIPAA, since the state is demanding information from the patient rather than the provider. It undoubtedly discourages people from getting COVID shots, especially if they're trying to avoid government attention.

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