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This is seriously unpleasant and could get worse. Belarus hijacked a commercial flight and grabbed a dissident journalist. EU responses will likely start with cutting off Belarusian airspace and could get worse.

HIPAA doesn't forbid anyone from asking your vaccination status. It does prohibit healthcare providers from disclosing the information without your consent.

This is outside my professional specialties, but I've researched and written a bunch of articles on HIPAA and have a fair idea how it works.

Springfield, IL thugs with badges grab child's ashes, dump them on the ground in front of father because they might be "drugs." 10 to 1 they get qualified immunity because no cop has ever done that particular horrible thing before.

The family of Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by police during the Capitol riot, is suing. I wonder if this will bring more conservatives around against qualified immunity.

The vile Chicago Fraternal Order of Police vs. the equally vile Lori Lightfoot. In other words, normal Chicago politics.

The other day I tweeted about a report of blatant racism by Chicago's mayor, then deleted it because the evidence for such a strong accusation wasn't strong enough. Now, unless The Hill is fabricating quotes, she's openly admitted to skin-color requirements for granting an interview.

Scroll to the end of this article. Jill Biden knows how to answer fabricated charges of racism, at least when her husband is the target: "Go fuck yourself."

Most Republicans in the House of Representatives don't want an independent investigation of the January 6 Capitol riot. What are they afraid it will find?

Taking a break from Twitter, maybe a permanent one. It's designed to promote hostility and create stress.

Another clickbait case: The NY Post ran an article on US covert operations that may raise legitimate concerns, but then made it absurd with the headline "Pentagon reportedly running secret army of 60,000 around the world."

The Wall is now good. It's the "Biden Wall." It fights coronavirus. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

The Donohue-Jeopardy witch hunt bothers me more than it should. It's the randomness and pointlessness of targeting him, and the way major news outlets have treated the smear campaign as legitimate news, which get to me on a deep level. The next target could be anybody.

People who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID and falsely claim they have been are contemptible cowards. If you think you're doing a heroic deed by not preventing spread of the disease, be proud of it instead of hiding.

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