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The "PRO Act" isn't the same as California's AB-5, but it's still bad news for freelance writers.

An attack on freelance writers' freedom to do business is making its way through Congress.

After 10 days, the FDA is once again letting people get the J&J vaccine, having figured out what everyone else knew: that the risk from not getting vaccinated is much higher than the blood clot risk.

Feeling annoyed. I got a reply on Twitter from someone I'd previously held in pretty high regard. It not only was insulting but demonstrated extreme stupidity. I blocked her, but it's frustrating when I discover that my good opinion of someone was mistaken.

Just found out that even though I'm no longer breaking the law by visiting friends in Massachusetts without quarantining, I'm still breaking it by riding my bicycle in MA without wearing a mask. We're all criminals, one way or another.

Micro-review of Sam Harris's _The Moral Landscape_: It contains enough good ideas to provoke constructive thought but has too many bad ones to be a worthwhile presentation of a moral philosophy.

I'm slowly being pulled to the conclusion that devising a political philosophy for an insane world is futile. The closest thing with value may be how rational people can deal with and guard against a society which is whim-driven, tribalist, and sometimes brutal.

Today I went to the library and was questioned about where I had been. I turned around and left.

No other NH library, no public or private facility of any kind, has been that snoopy with me in the name of "health." Nor does such nonsense make anyone safer.

ACLU has filed a suit against compulsory military registration for men, but it's unclear whether they want to end military slavery or expand it.

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China launches app for citizens to report anyone who has 'mistaken opinions' or 'denies the excellence of socialist culture'.

My post from yesterday about a supposed legal threat by Dr. Seuss Enterprises against the Babylon Bee appears to have relied on false information. Update here:

Some erased the existence of black people in the Davidian community, acknowledging only the existence of whites.

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My recollections from 1993: Liberals had no problem with the Davidians dying because they were "religious nuts." They also had no problem with Schumer hijacking the Congressional investigation to advance his career.

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On April 19, 1993, over 80 people, including children, died as a result of an outrageous abuse of law enforcement power.

I'm at a loss to decide who is dumber: someone who thinks a vaccination is "the mark of the Beast," or someone who thinks master bedrooms and master circuit breakers are racist.

Twitter is reporting an unspecified error. All I can do is log in and out.

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