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The Baker criminal complaint relies on a very broadly worded, probably unconstitutional federal law making it a crime to "transmit in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another." It charges him with the "crime" of "using social media to recruit and train like-minded individuals in furtherance of his ... Ideology."

The number of active cases of COVID-19 in the USA is showing a noticeable drop-off.

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Book discussion post; Andy Ngo's _Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy_.

Much as I despise Trump, I hope this goes nowhere. If upheld, it would allow a simple majority of both houses of Congress to declare a person ineligible to run for public office.

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🤦‍♂️ (I use this emoji too much).

Ten doses of the Covid-19 vaccine would expire within hours, so a Houston doctor gave it to people with medical conditions, including his wife [who has a pulmonary disease that leaves her short of breath, minutes before the vaccine became unusable]. … For his actions, Dr. Gokal was fired from his government job and then charged with stealing 10 vaccine doses worth a total of $135 — a shun-worthy misdemeanor that sent his name and mug shot rocketing around the globe. … The officials maintained that he had violated protocol and should have returned the remaining doses to the office or thrown them away, the doctor recalled. He also said that one of the officials startled him by questioning the lack of “equity” among those he had vaccinated.

“Are you suggesting that there were too many Indian names in that group?” Dr. Gokal said he asked.

Exactly, he said he was told.

Searching for "Ponton milkshake duck" produces some amusing results.

The latest lie: "The COVID-19 vaccines haven't undergone animal testing." Fact check:

Yes, both Trump and Obama were still trying to get those hostages out. There _might_ be an aged hostage that Iran never told us about, and which they're planning to reveal in 2029 as an anniversary surprise. Can't take the chance!

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Taking good news where we can find it: One less phony national emergency is now in effect. I believe the national emergency concerning the Ayatollah Khomeini's government taking American hostages in 1979 is still in effect, though.

Less than a minute after that last toot, it crashed.

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With the latest Catalina update, my Mac would lose a race with a snail carrying weights. I'm glad I have my Linux laptop.

NH ACLU: Requiring people to pay for what they get "discriminates against low income individuals."

There was a warning indicator in the system preferences on my Mac. I clicked it, and the warning (with yellow triangle) said "Start using iCloud." I know it's an ethnic cliche, but I can't help hearing that in my mind with a sinister Italian accent.

Black Americans are often pushed to the front of the line for COVID-19 vaccines. Black Americans historically have often been the unknowing subjects of medical experiments. Acceptance of the vaccine among them is lower than in the general population.

Could there be a causal connection among these three facts?

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