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An analysis of the possibility of incitement charges against Trump that doesn't even mention the Brandenburg criteria is either poorly researched or dishonest.

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Impeachment won't result in a conviction and everyone knows it. The 25th Amendment is about an incapacitated president, not a depraved one.

Congress should instead be focusing on limiting the president's power, but the Democrats won't want that 11 days from now.

People are pressured to "distance" from their opponents, meaning not to regard them fully as people, not to defend their rights when they're treated unjustly, not to point out false and exaggerated accusations. People who don't follow this demand are regarded as defective members of the group and may themselves be "distanced" from.

Statement by Libertarian National Committee Chair: “This is not patriotism. This is not protesting. This is reprehensible violence and aggression and needs to stop now. We hope safety for all those who work in the Capitol.”

A bunch of people are contrasting the Capitol Police's ineffectual response to the January 6 riot with their alleged aggressiveness clearing the way for Trump in Lafayette Park last summer. In fact, the Capitol Police played no role in that. It was primarily the U.S. Park Police.

We're rapidly coming back to the pre-2016 state of affairs, where the left will be the main threat in American politics. I've been told I should "distance" myself from Trump, which apparently means I shouldn't object to abuses of power and law intended to strike back at him. Oh, well, we just have to dust off our Obama-era notes.

Going to the dentist and back, I saw a number of Trump signs, though not as many as last week. This is in a Trump-heavy area of southeastern New Hampshire. A lot of people who didn't mind everything that went before didn't mind yesterday's riot.

In other news, I have no cavities.

New song on SoundCloud: "Frieda's Quest." "There's an insanity in the world..."

I don't always like being right. The coup attempt has happened, but it was a feeble one. It's all over for Trump. There may be more attempts at violence, but I'm looking forward to his being physically removed from the White House.

The next step: Lots of people packed into DC area jails tonight. Lots of spreading of disease.

It outrages me that the Trump gang demonstrating in Washington has appropriated the Gadsden flag. To them it means, "Don't tread on me, I'll tread on you."

Cut-and-paste journalism: In researching an article on the USB-C market, I'm finding page after page with statements like " the Type C USB Chargers market will register an xx% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach $ xx million by 2025, from $ xx million in 2020." Those x's are actually in the article!! They're just blindly copying each other, not caring that they're saying nothing.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is engaging in overt racial discrimination in distributing COVID-19 vaccine.

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There it is. No way the politically influential police would be able to resist the honey pot that is coronavirus tracing app location data. I expect this to start happening in many other countries (if it hasn’t already).

To encourage people to enrol, Singaporean authorities promised the data would never be used for any other purpose, saying “the data will never be accessed, unless the user tests positive for Covid-19 and is contacted by the contact tracing team”.

But Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan told parliament on Monday that it can in fact also be used “for the purpose of criminal investigation”.

This week's book discussion post: Joseph Campbell's _The Hero with a Thousand Faces_.

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