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I'm about halfway through Cory Doctorow's _Little Brother_. It is _the_ novel for libertarian geeks. Published in 2008, but it hasn't lost its relevance.

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The Floyd killing was the spark, but was the lockdown the powder keg? The lockdown must surely have resulted in police harassment of black people like never before. Their liberal "friends" were on the side of the cops. It may not have been the explicit motive, but it must have contributed to a mood that was ready for rioting.

I updated (definitely not "upgraded") my Mac to Catalina. It's a nightmare. Impossibly slow, with constantly repeated alerts that make no sense. Apple has followed Microsoft's practice of taking control away from the user.

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100%. There are plenty who want the economy reopened but still believe in personal responsibility, respect private business' safety measures & practice social distancing in personal lives w/ those vulnerable to the virus. But that's not who media shows.
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I wonder why the media only highlights the stupid people in the ‘liberty movement’? Could it be that they want you, the public, to conflate liberty with stup…

Can anyone here point at a good explanation of negative interest? It bewilders me why anyone would prefer lending at negative interest to putting money in a vault.

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That's the Star Fleet logo!
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: President @realDonaldTrump leads first unfurling the flag of the United States Space Force (@SpaceForceDoD).

The flag will stand in the Oval Office alongside other service branch flags.

Justin Amash believes that a fertilized ovum is a human being with rights, even if he doesn't go far enough for some "pro-life" groups.

People have really believed that destroyed businesses would pop right back as long as the government gave away lots of money that it didn't have. They're finally catching on to Bastiat's broken-window fallacy.

This month's Captain Obvious award goes to Reason Magazine.

Waiting to hear all the cries of "It's snowing in May! See? Global warming is a myth."

Trump ordered meat packing plants to stay open. Someone should tell him Directive 10-289 was a warning. not a template.

Update: I went by bicycle, which means it wasn't a crime. Exercise is permitted!

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