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This month's Captain Obvious award goes to Reason Magazine.

Waiting to hear all the cries of "It's snowing in May! See? Global warming is a myth."

Trump ordered meat packing plants to stay open. Someone should tell him Directive 10-289 was a warning. not a template.

Update: I went by bicycle, which means it wasn't a crime. Exercise is permitted!

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Governor Sununu's Emergency Order 40 supersedes Emergency Order 17. It's still illegal to visit friends or most relatives. I will commit that crime later today.

Mental health issues are a huge consequence of the lockdowns, and people are just starting to talk about it.

Why do so many websites conceal the fact that they have RSS feeds? I had to dig into the LP's HTML source to find out it had one. (

I like RSS feeds for blogs and news. Unlike social media, they let me control what I read.

New Hampshire dentists are seeing a sharp increase in emergency cases. This is doubtless partly due to not being able to get elective procedures (e.g., fillings), partly to people saying "I've got a horrible toothache!" just to get an appointment.

A sad song of separation of a married couple. Rejoining your spouse is not an "essential" reason to cross the US-Canada border.

Rmndr 2 every1: U have 500 chars. No nd 2 be so crptc.

I just realized that I've written a novel about occupational licensing in a fantasy version of the 16th Century. In _The Magic Battery_, only male Christians are allowed to practice magic.

Trump is supposedly afraid that Congress will vote to withdraw troops from Saudi Arabia, with a veto-proof majority, according to "sources familiar with the matter." This sounds like too-good-to-be-true news.

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