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A sad song of separation of a married couple. Rejoining your spouse is not an "essential" reason to cross the US-Canada border.

Rmndr 2 every1: U have 500 chars. No nd 2 be so crptc.

I just realized that I've written a novel about occupational licensing in a fantasy version of the 16th Century. In _The Magic Battery_, only male Christians are allowed to practice magic.

Trump is supposedly afraid that Congress will vote to withdraw troops from Saudi Arabia, with a veto-proof majority, according to "sources familiar with the matter." This sounds like too-good-to-be-true news.

The people quoted in this article assume that a candidate who stands for limited govt and constitutional principles will draw votes overwhelmingly from Democrats. Why?

I wrote this in a song I called "That's Socialism." Maybe I should change the title to "That's social distance."

Here come the secret police.
Don’t fret, they’ll leave you in peace.
You’re sure to get your release
When you do them a favor and turn in your neighbor.

It's not a crime to cut your own hair in New Hampshire, but it is a crime to run a barber shop without 800 hours of training and a year's apprenticeship. Think of how many people would die of bad haircuts without government protection!

In case anyone runs into this article: It's WRONG. Please don't propagate it without a rebuttal.

The relevant statute is cronyist legislation forbidding unlicensed barbershops, but it doesn't forbid cutting your own hair.

There's just one household I now visit. She's afraid the neighbors will turn us in to the police. Is this what it was like in the USSR?

Good signs come from the most unexpected places. Harvard turned down a government handout under moral pressure.

Let's never forget what happened near Waco on April 19, 1993. I wrote several book reviews following that.. The books are undoubtedly all out of print but may still be findable.

Armageddon in Waco

The Ashes of Waco

No More Wacos

Why Waco?

Protests against lockdowns range from calls for cautious lifting to demands for removing all restrictions. The news articles I'm seeing tend to lump them together and attempt to link them all to Trump. They can't imagine that people have decided, on their own, that they don't like being pushed into poverty.

This is what's stupidest. Not allowing people to be near their dying loved ones, even with precautions. A society that values safety over everything else has nothing to live for.

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“I would lift stay-at-home orders except for known risk groups. We already know certain conditions that are predictive of severe disease. I would let the virus circulate in the population that is not likely to get severe disease from it. Vaccines are not coming anytime soon, so natural immunity is the only way out for now. Every day, every week in the current situation is ruining innumerable lives in a criminally unjust manner.”


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