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The latest Reason cover is strange. The president isn't an at-will employee. He isn't Congress's employee at all. The bar for impeaching and removing the president should be high.

Trump has met that bar and then some, but that's a separate issue.

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The stupid, it burns! From a USA Today article: "Road salt typically consists of sodium and chloride. While sodium is less water soluble and lodges in soil, the vast majority of chloride washes away with the rain."

"Merry Christmas": A two-word oxymoron.

When I read about Schumer's insistence on documents in the impeachment process, I'm reminded that one of the first acts that got him national attention was derailing the Waco investigation.

Saudi Arabia has sentenced five unnamed people to death in a secret trial for Khashoggi's murder. I think we can all agree that doesn't improve the situation.

My main project for the next week is revising my draft of The Magic Battery: making it more consistent and stronger.

Speaking of Heather Dale (and, indirectly, Snowden), I just came across her "Golgotha," which I'd somehow never heard before. POWERFUL!

For the Solstice, my "Beacons in the Darkness," sung by Heather Dale with Ben Deschamps.

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If Trump gets impeached, I will donate my Left testicle to medical research.
You can quote me on this.

There are people who realize Trump is a power-lusting liar, and there are people who _want_ a power-lusting liar in office. Either way, there's little point in trying to persuade people about him.

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I've posted this one several times. But it is seasonal...and never goes out of season.

Palpatine didn't die, undercutting Vader's redemption. Even Carrie Fisher isn't allowed to stay dead. I think I'll skip Star Wars IX.

In case you hadn't noticed, the Fed actually wants your money to lose value over time and considers it a bad sign when it doesn't do it fast enough.

This morning I learned that I missed Bill of Rights Day, which was yesterday.

Oh, well. Happy Beethoven's Birthday!

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