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if you unironically use the term "crony capitalism" you have no right to make fun of others for saying "not the real socialism"

The Manchester, NH Housing and Redevelopment Authority requires people to give up their Constitutional rights when they move into public housing.

As usual, the poor get hit hardest by progressive policies.

Obama created DACA by executive fiat. Trump wants to end it by the same. I've yet to see a plausible explanation of why the first is legal and the second isn't. The arguments seem to amount to "Trump said the wrong magic words."

This has nothing to do with my opinion of DACA, only with logic and consistency. If I've missed something, let me know.

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In Mississippi, it was illegal to sell "vegetarian burgers" or "vegan hot dogs." Thanks in large part to the Institute for Justice, this absurdity has been knocked down.

Veterans' Day and Memorial Day are getting to be the hardest days to get through online. The Left and Right alike go wild telling us how the warfare state protects our freedoms and we ought to be grateful. I've already blown up at one person. Maybe I should just stay off all discussion forums (except this one :) for the rest of the day.

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Cops record being given criminal orders and resign rather than carry them out. Kudos to them for having a spine.

A review of some high crimes and misdemeanors by past presidents.

Police and FBI are investigating flyers in Hartford, CT, and a university president has threatened legal action. As far as I can tell from the news story, the flyers contain no threats or illegal content. The story doesn't say what charges the cops are planning to fabricate.

If you say on your profile that you're a Nazi or white supremacist and don't make it very obvious it's a joke, I will block you.

Now I'm thinking of writing a filk called "We Will Block You" about Internet trolls.

When people say "I don't mind if the government spies on me, I have nothing to hide," they're committing to never saying anything that could put them at risk. From the government's standpoint, that's even better than arresting dissidents.

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@gmcgath The Constitution allows the Senate to bar a removed person from holding any or all federal offices.

If Congress impeaches and removes Trump, the Republicans could still nominate him in 2020. He's got enough control over the party, and opposition is fragmented enough, that he might be able to make it happen.

New Hampshire has discussed moving to Atlantic Time to get rid of this Daylight Saving Time nonsense. Cats would agree.

59% of New Hampshire Republicans like Tulsi Gabbard. I'm sure that's almost entirely because Hillary Clinton hates her.

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