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War gratitude permeates American culture. The local VFW put up a sign asking "Have you thanked a veteran?" I can't think of any other group that so blatantly demands gratitude.

Happy Old Chisolm Trail Day!

"I started down the trail October 23rd,
I started down the trail with the 2-U herd,
Come-a ki-yi-yippy-yippy-yay, yippy-yay,
Come-a ki-yi-yippy-yippy-yay."

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Headline on the Concord, NH Monitor website: "At the request of a fourth-grader, chicken ordinance back on the table."

Ten-year-old minds really are running the government.

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Until very recently, I thought Trump's beating Clinton was a bad thing. I'm now strongly inclined to think Clinton would have done more damage as president. Either that, or she's become even crazier since 2016.

"Free Speech Is Under Attack."

This is one of my most important articles on Medium so far, and I'd be grateful for any signal boosting.

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Whenever I see "ultimate guide" in a title, I'm sure the piece isn't worth reading. Authors who think their article exhaustively covers a field must have a shallow understanding of it.

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Someone attempted a "Red Wedding" in Pelham, NH. Guests tackled him, and no one was killed though some were shot. That's the New Hampshire difference.

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For those interested in what the Constitution requires of impeachment proceedings in the House:

tl;dr: Almost nothing.

US entertainment companies bow to Chinese censorship. Entertainment may return to its roots of local performers satisfying local markets. The bigger a company is, the more vulnerable it is.

"The candidate Nobody finished out of the running." Finally this clown show is over. The Keene crowd is an embarrassment to libertarians in the rest of New Hampshire.

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