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Interesting piece on software copyrights and patents.
Personally, I think software should be copyrightable but not patentable.

An interesting notion: Can promoting tribal hostilities by the left and right against each other promote opposition to govt power? I'm not convinced; each side may just become more entrenched in its desire to expand the governmental powers it wants. Still, it's a thought.

Sheriff in NC indicted for plotting to kill a deputy who allegedly had a tape of the sheriff making racially offensive remarks.

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For those who want an accurate write up from a third party about what Richard Stallman actually said and not some defamatory hit peace I would suggest reading:

Today I had this horrible thought: Imagine if Martin Luther had had a Twitter account. His rants could make Trump sound mild.

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It's official Richard Stallman has sadly resigned from the board and presidency of the FSF. This action comes as a result of bullying by "social justice" warriors after intentionally misconstrued statements and defamation. While his original statements were easy to misconstrue they were honorable and sound. He stood up and defended a man who could not defend himself and for that he was crucified. This character assignation was wrong and those who failed to stand up and defend him are pathetic.

Who says you can't serve both God and Mammon? British supermarket chain Asda sacked an employee for linking on Facebook to an anti-religious comedy video by Billy Connolly. Asda sells the same video on DVD. Jesus & Mo is worth following in general.

The 2019 Cato Economic Freedom report actually shows the rank of the United States going up, to 5th. However, the report is based on 2017 data, so it doesn't include most of the damage from Trump's tariffs.

A little digging for turned up one close to home for me: the Free State Project blog. It actually contains good news!

Possibly worth bookmarking: Libertarian Blog Aggregator.

I've decided one useful thing I can do here is find libertarian sites and post links to them. The quality of what I find will certainly vary, but hopefully I'll find some that people here will consider keepers. Tag

Eighteen years into the war, a Pentagon spokesman says: "The number of troops that we will have will always be the appropriate level that we need to provide security there." In other words, the Forever War will never end.

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Holy cow. Fuzzy-brained academia, well one academic, understands why the world is going to hell in a handbasket. In brief, it's We The People, who refuse the effort of thinking for ourselves.

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, Americans who were born the day the World Trade Center was destroyed will be eligible to fight in the war which started because of that attack and is still showing no clear sign of ending.

Bill Maher calls political correctness a "cancer." Since he likes cancer for killing people he disagrees with, that must mean he likes PC-ness.

Read material you disagree with. You'll at least be able to rebut it better, and you may learn something from it.

Search engines think you're stupid, but smart people can get good search results anyway.

Two reports on Reddit of Border Patrol harassing people on I-89 in New Hampshire. Exits 10, 13, 18, and 19 have been mentioned. Pass the word as appropriate.

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What the leadership of San Francisco has been doing instead of addressing homelessness, poop and needles on the streets, gentrification, traffic, potholes, or any of the thousands of *actual* problems the city faces:

SF Board of Supervisors passes a resolution declaring the NRA a "terrorist organization"

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That means we can conspire here and they won't know what will hit them!

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