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When someone makes a bizarre accusation against you (e.g., "You're a racist"), the best response is "You've made an accusation against me. What are your reasons for believing it?" That will make a dishonest accuser look ridiculous, and it can resolve misunderstandings if the accuser believed someone else's lies.

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"U.S. attorney general William Barr has said consumers should accept the risks that encryption backdoors pose to their personal cybersecurity to ensure law enforcement can access encrypted communications." 🙄

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What is the excitement about Gab? I'm seeing lots of toots that assume we already know all about it, but what should I know?

The Supreme Court said that states can tax businesses outside their boundaries. New Hampshire is fighting that as hard as it can. Even Democrats are supporting this fight.

People are using the "not a true journalist" line to excuse the violence against Andy Ngo. Think carefully before claiming journalists are a special class of people.

Government propaganda tries to recast Independence Day as a "birthday" and distract us with government-run fireworks displays. But surrendering to despair and self-pity is worse than pointless. There are dozens of little acts of defiance we can engage in, reminding ourselves and others that the day celebrates the rejection of an overbearing government.

What are you planning to do to celebrate Independence Day? I'm going to wear my Snowden "Truth" T-shirt, do volunteer stuff (not tax-funded) in a cat shelter, and go to a gaming party.

I just realized today that a Sanders presidency wouldn't just be bad in general; it would pose a major, direct threat to my life. I have Medicare with two private policies to get my coverage up to decent levels. Under Sanders, I'd be stuck with "Medicare for All" and would be forbidden from buying supplementary insurance.

This weekend is your last chance to get a 40% discount on _Yesterday's Songs Transformed_ with the coupon code CT32A.

On another subject entirely: I'm not responsible for responses "agreeing" with me that don't understand the point I was making.

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In 2016, the Republicans had room for like 14 candidates. The Democrats this year had room for 20. The Commission on Presidential Debates doesn't have room for 3.

Idea for a cartoon based on the Oberlin affair: A shoplifter who has just been arrested, shown in profile, with the shape of several stolen objects clearly protruding under his coat as he's yelling, "Profiling!!"

Of course, no one could actually publish this cartoon, since the shoplifter would have to be shown as black, which would make the cartoon automatically "racist."

A fascinating account by Justin Raimondo of his encounter as a teenager with Ayn Rand.
Scroll down to " I had gone down with a couple of friends to hear Rand speak".

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The Supreme Court's temporary rejection of the citizenship question is good, but the real reason should be that nothing in the Constitution authorizes requiring everyone to provide citizenship information. The sole Constitutional purpose of the census is to count people.

Past anti-liberty shifts in the US have come mostly in times of crisis, such as war and depression. The present wave started in a time when nothing was really going all that badly. That makes it more ominous. It's not desperation but a deeper shift in thinking.

Yesterday I read a mystery novel in which a person who suffered a blow to the head was asked questions like what day it was and who the current president was. My response would have been, "The president is ... er, never mind, I'm sure I've suffered brain damage."

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