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Should Congress have the power to compel people to testify? It isn't a criminal court. Does it make a difference when the people it subpoenas are government employees? Your thoughts, please.

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Psychologist and academic Dr. Jordan Peterson announced a new alternative to #Facebook and #Twitter called #ThinkSpot. Beta testing is currently in progress.

Unlike those platforms that now heavily censor content contrary to leftist political positions (e.g. pro-life, traditional marriage, etc.) -- ThinkSpot will allow free speech / free thought. Content moderation will be in the hands of each user, not decided for them against their wishes.

I hope all efforts like this succeed. Google, Facebook and Twitter (among others) are now aggressively suppressing speech contrary to their politics. We have finally reached 1984 but the "Ministry of Truth" is ran (for the most part) outside of government.

A student at a Concord, NH school allegedly was suspended for reporting concerns about abusive behavior by a teacher.

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Social media companies often block content and suspend accounts in arbitrary and ridiculous ways, and they deserve protests and boycotts when they do.

Social media companies have a right to set their own standards. They should be answered by personal choices, not governmental force.

Even some libertarians have trouble these days remembering that both of these are true.

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The unwillingness to engage with trolls does not prove one a snowflake, it proves that one has developed the skills needed to recognize trolls and the self-discipline to not get trapped by their manipulations.

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Serious question: Are there people who refer to themselves as "woke," or is it just a term of mockery?

Department of etymological irony: The term "bigot" was once an insulting ethnic term.

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The irony is, this is exactly the kind of speech/activity Citizens United protects.
House Democrats JUST passed our Anti-Citizens United bill -- but Mitch McConnell is on a mission to DESTROY it in the Senate. Our highly effective ads are our BEST shot to get this CRITICAL bill passed, but our bank account is D-R-Y!!

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One of the unforeseen effects of GDPR: I'm in Europe now and discovering that some of my favorite news sites back home are blocked here. The value they lose from doing that is less than the cost of compliance.

I'm in Germany, and the political signs running up to the election are depressing. Some explicitly favor abolishing capitalism. The only party whose signs promote any pro-freedom ideas is the small and marginal Pirate Party.

I've deactivated my Facebook account. I may only be affecting the twelfth significant digit of Zuckerberg's income, but I do what I can. His campaign for governmental censorship of the Internet isn't getting any help from me.

Philo calls signing in with your phone number and a 6-digit code "two-factor authentication." If that's 2FA, then a username and password counts as 2FA, and a good password is MORE secure than a 6-digit code.

Penn and Teller in 2020 — because it will take magic to save the USA.

You don't have to give out information just because you're asked. Recently an eye doctor's office gave me a form asking about my race, and my doctor's office asked about my religion. I responded "Decline to answer" or the equivalent. Neither one threatened me or kicked me out.

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