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Why the hell is anyone still using SHA-1???
SHA-1 collision attacks are now actually practical and a looming danger

It doesn't bother me all that much when people ask for prayers, but when the request amounts to "Please petition God to use his mind control powers so I get what I want," that's plain creepy.

Germany places severe restrictions on abortion, yet I never see Americans denounce the country or call for boycotts on that account. Americans' point of view very often is blurry anywhere outside our borders.

Calling people idiots very seldom persuades them.

When you read news stories carefully, you discover interesting things, like how Sri Lanka's govt has used the killings as an opportunity to take freedoms away on a massive scale. "...under Sri Lanka’s tough new emergency laws imposed after the attacks, he can be held indefinitely."

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More signs of our increasingly authoritarian government.
A freelance reporter wrote about how were trying to smear CA & declined to reveal his sources.

So the police showed up at his front door with guns.

When everyone is using a megaphone, no communication happens.

@liberdon I tried to make a donation of Dash through CoinPayments, but it bounced. Got my money back.

The message said "Your payment of 0.17602000 DASH to has timed out without us receiving the required funds." Confusing, since they refunded my Dash, so they must have received it.

Look for a way to promote and practice voluntary, peaceful activity and show that governmental force isn't necessary to accomplish it. It could be something as simple as cleaning up litter. Get friends involved.

Practice little acts of disobedience, such as crossing at a "Don't Walk" light (after making sure it's safe!), just to keep obedience reflexes from setting in.

Here I'm starting a "Libertarian tip of the day" series, tagged , to promote a more purpose-oriented approach. I'm not guaranteeing to post one every day, but anyone is obviously free to use the tag to add their own.

Tip #1 is one I've followed myself: Write a song for liberty.

North Dakota, one of the worst states for letting the police steal people's property, makes some improvements.

Each day libertarians should ask themselves not "What horrible governmental act can I tell other libertarians about today?" but "What can I do to advance freedom today?"

The latest issue of The Week asks on the cover if Biden is "too white" for the Democratic nomination. It seems to take it for granted that racists have a lot of influence in the party.

Accepting the left vs. right dichotomy plays into the hands of the conventional political structure. It leads to treating basically similar philosophies, such as fascism and communism, as opposites. The 2-dimensional Nolan chart is a needless complication. We should be talking about the high — freedom — vs. the low — authoritarian statism, with gradations in between. Something like this:

Free-market conservatism
Modern conservatism, progressivism
Communism / Fascism

Today I discovered all my Firefox extensions were disabled. This seems to be the reason. Be very careful till this is fixed.

Starz tweets an official explanation for the bogus takedown notices it issued.

On World Press Freedom Day, here's a reminder that books get banned in the US.

The NIST website has a link to a site with "simple steps to gain peace of mind and more control over your online security." Clicking on the link gets an invalid SSL certificate warning.

The timeline still seems very confused. Now I'm seeing only toots more than 4 days old, plus all of my own. I don't want to give up on Liberdon easily, but it looks as if it needs more attention than our admin has time for.

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