My take on the Seuss affair: Blame long copyright terms, not Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

Publishers are under no obligation to keep a work in print. The focus should be on absurdly long copyright terms that keep classic works single-sourced.

I first ran into the term "neoconservative" in Commentary magazine decades ago. The description included a mix of good and bad ideas, though I've forgotten the specifics. Today it has become a synonym for "warmonger" and nothing more, and I don't know of anyone who calls themself a neocon. I don't know just how this happened.

I meant that ironically, in case it isn't obvious.

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The US has plummeted to 17th place in Cato's 2020 Human Freedom Index.

If the choice comes down to whether the wokes or the Trumpists take over America, the Trumpists would be less bad. They wouldn't ruin the economy as thoroughly.

_Files that Last_ is now permanently reduced to $1.99. It still has useful information for personal digital preservation.

An article on a mainstream news site cautiously suggesting that making lifelong pariahs of sex offenders may not be such a good idea. (Access to this site outside the USA may be limited.)

If the Massachusetts cops were more alert, I'd now owe thousands of dollars in fines for traveling 10 miles south of my home without quarantining.

See, for example, Exodus 21:6. It doesn't just "refer to slavery as an institution," it commands it.

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" Others argued that since the Bible refers to slavery as an institution without specifically condemning it, it must be divinely permitted." Actually, multiple passages in the Bible endorse slavery, but USA Today doesn't want to antagonize its Christian readers.

If you're going to persuade people, you have to talk with people who disagree with you, and you have to do it in a way that doesn't immediately kill the discussion. Many people think name-calling and insults are the way to do this, but that doesn't match my experience.

Libertarians can be as adept as anyone else at empty virtue signaling. Telling us you agree with us has value, but doing something to increase your freedom or that of others is better.

We're constantly fighting battles on two or more fronts. People who are idiots on some issues may be our allies on others. We have to be careful not to withhold support too quickly, but also not to be pulled as pawns into supporting people when they're wrong.

A simple rule anyone should be able to understand: Attacking people for their skin color is racist. Please note that I didn't say "for certain enumerated skin colors."

Satan: "I'll give you control over the whole world if you worship me."
Jesus: "Er, Satan ... I'm God, remember? Why are you trying to bribe me with what I already have?"

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