I've deactivated my Facebook account. I may only be affecting the twelfth significant digit of Zuckerberg's income, but I do what I can. His campaign for governmental censorship of the Internet isn't getting any help from me.

Philo calls signing in with your phone number and a 6-digit code "two-factor authentication." If that's 2FA, then a username and password counts as 2FA, and a good password is MORE secure than a 6-digit code. pcmag.com/roundup/336650/the-b

Penn and Teller in 2020 — because it will take magic to save the USA.

You don't have to give out information just because you're asked. Recently an eye doctor's office gave me a form asking about my race, and my doctor's office asked about my religion. I responded "Decline to answer" or the equivalent. Neither one threatened me or kicked me out.

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Why the hell is anyone still using SHA-1???
SHA-1 collision attacks are now actually practical and a looming danger zd.net/30eBPlQ

It doesn't bother me all that much when people ask for prayers, but when the request amounts to "Please petition God to use his mind control powers so I get what I want," that's plain creepy.

Germany places severe restrictions on abortion, yet I never see Americans denounce the country or call for boycotts on that account. Americans' point of view very often is blurry anywhere outside our borders. thelocal.de/20181213/why-germa

@billblake2018 There was an article in a Cato publication I received recently which pointed out that "Poverty is man-made" is wrong. Poverty is natural. Prosperity is man-made. (The article acknowledged that governments often create poverty.)

Calling people idiots very seldom persuades them.

@PapaVanTwee @progo @SirBemrose @TurdFerguson Assuming some version of the story is true, the problem isn't that the car is electric. It's that everything is automated, and the designers didn't grasp the concept of fail-safe design.

When you read news stories carefully, you discover interesting things, like how Sri Lanka's govt has used the killings as an opportunity to take freedoms away on a massive scale. "...under Sri Lanka’s tough new emergency laws imposed after the attacks, he can be held indefinitely." reuters.com/article/us-sri-lan

@SirBemrose The article isn't internally consistent. It first claims the chip's failure "bricks" the car. Then it says the car would "charge incorrectly and fail to be driveable outside of its safety mode with less than advertised oomph." This gives me very little trust in the author's ability to get the facts straight or even write a comprehensible sentence.

@billblake2018 I'm 90% sure the second line should be "You've got to *have* a theory" and was miscopied. Proving it is entirely optional. :)

@billblake2018 By Dr. Jane (now James) Robinson! I've sung that a number of times.

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More signs of our increasingly authoritarian government.
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A freelance reporter wrote about how were trying to smear CA & declined to reveal his sources.

So the police showed up at his front door with guns. msn.com/en-us/news/us/a-report

When everyone is using a megaphone, no communication happens.

@liberdon I think I see. One of the messages I got said "We have received only 0.17410644 of the 0.17602000 DASH for transaction CPDE5J1O5QVUJLGYJHDMBSDFV1 to Liberdon.com leaving a remaining balance of 0.00191356 DASH. This can happen if you forgot to account for the coin TX fee..." Apparently I was supposed to specify a donation amount that would leave enough for the TX fee. I'll see if I can give it another try.

@fribbledom h Is that as in Eletelephony? poets.org/poetsorg/poem/eletel
Once there was an elephant
Who tried to use the telephant...

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