@NNYLiberty The co-head of Switzerland's Socialist Party is unhappy that the US government controlled an encryption firm. You'd think he'd like that.

Trump: "Don't ever talk to the president that way." "westernjournal.com/trump-goes-

How about this way: Donald Trump, you are a jerk, a pathological liar, a fool who deserves only mockery. As for your high-paying job at my expense, you've gotten your termination notice.

Twitter: The intermediary decides what you'll see.

RSS/Atom: The content provider and you decide what you'll see.

I use Akregator on Linux. Many good clients for reading feeds are available.

The Vietnamese bookie spammer is trying yet again. I wonder why they bother when it's unlikely anyone here can read what they're saying.

The root of libertarianism is the value and autonomy of the individual. Finding ways to fix what the government fails to fix or makes worse is central. People who just complain about the government are missing more than half the point.

@NNYLiberty Typical USA today coverage. "Placed religious freedom before pandemic precautions." Presenting it as a liberal vs. conservative issue. Not mentioning till well into the article that religious gatherings were more strongly restricted than businesses.

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@anonymoose @icedquinn @promethea Politicians are flailing to look effective. Rather than considering benefit vs. harm, they regard issuing orders as the solution to everything. To travel 6 miles south of where I live, I'm supposed to quarantine for 2 weeks, as if they could stop the virus at the state border. Pointless mandates provoke opposition, and they spur people to rebel against actions that are actually sensible.

I'm in a high-risk category, so this isn't an option for me.

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It occurs to me there's a great opportunity which anti-maskers could use and perhaps are using in some cases. Since they believe the risk from COVID-19 is very low, they could volunteer to help the few unfortunates who have gotten a severe case of the illness. With 2,304 deaths in one day, it shouldn't be too hard to find them. Medical expertise isn't necessary for all roles, just willingness to shlep stuff, etc. Perhaps some of these people could post stories.

Anti-masker logic:

Basic premise: "Idonwana wear a mask!"

If COVID-19 is dangerous, I should wear a mask. Therefore it is not dangerous.

If getting the vaccine when it becomes available is a good idea, in spite of the slight risks that always come with vaccination, that would mean COVID-19 is dangerous. Therefore it isn't a good idea.

Impeccable logic.

@Orakel Every time I've gotten a shot, I've had to sign a form consenting to the risks. Most people sign them without reading them.

The FDA mostly got out of the way of developing COVID-19 vaccines, which would have taken years under the normal approval process. This upsets some, who would rather people see people "safely" die for lack of vaccine than face any risk of side effects, however small.

Trump fired election security chief Chris Krebs for not backing his claims about rigged elections. He's unrelated to the well-known security blogger Brian Krebs, but I find it amusing to link to the story on the latter's blog. krebsonsecurity.com/2020/11/tr

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