I got a mailing from EdChoice. Their pitch sounds good, but I don't know much about the people behind it. Does anyone here know about them?

@politicsofdiscretion The resemblance isn't very strong, which isn't surprising for a 14th-century document. Its argument is nationalistic, not based on the inalienable rights of individuals.

Pseudoscience at work: According to the US census, Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese are 3 different races, Hawaiians are racially distinct from other Polynesians, but Arabs and Norwegians are the same race. aljazeera.com/news/2020/04/men

@NNYLiberty But what do people who actually have a clue say?

Just in case it isn't obvious to everyone, 4540Yashjohn is a malware spammer.

Saying "I'm going to exercise my right to get sick and make other people sick" is virtue signaling. Like most forms of V.S., virtue doesn't play a significant part in it.

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Given how obstructive government has been in the early part of this crisis (banning tests and discouraging masks), I'm trying to figure out how to privatize enforcement of stay-at-home orders.

One possibility: xkcd.com/2284/

Do you use Hoopla through your public library? It "watches you as if it's looking over your shoulder." linkedin.com/pulse/why-hoopla-

If you say "I don't care who I infect with a serious disease," you aren't acting like a libertarian.

@2momart I got curious enough about what this person was saying to run it through Google Translate. It's spam.

@FTL_Ian The NH legislature should pass a law making it a crime to jump off a tall building.

Today I learned that the father of a friend refused to wear a seat belt after it became mandatory, and he died in a crash. Reflexive disobedience is not independence.

Some people are demanding that we live in total isolation from one another, not even seeing our closest friends in person. Their absurdity encourages the opposite absurdity, of taking no precautions at all in the name of "liberty." The idea that people should limit their contacts and act sensibly gets lost between two forms of insanity.

@AriaDiMezzo Humans are not the threat. A virus is. By being careless, you may let that threat bring harm to others.

If we thought every person had the disease, there would be no point to keeping distance. The purpose of distancing is to benefit those who don't have it, by keeping them that way.

The US fatality rate for COVID-19, according to official statistics, is just short of 2.5%.

This song helps to explain why some people endanger themselves and others just to defy an order. youtube.com/watch?v=K5ATQsqjrL

Some in the libertarian movement are evading the need to defend freedom in a crisis by pretending there is no coronavirus crisis. They do nothing but make libertarians look stupid. I'm talking to you, @FreeKeene . libertyunbound.com/node/2127

@FreeKeene Doing dumb things because someone has ordered you not to do them is a form of self-imposed slavery.

@NNYLiberty There's something to be said for that. The president isn't expected to be an epidemiologist. The burden of identifying a threat falls first on the specialists.

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