Reading _Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave Ona Judge_. Ona Judge could be considered a proto-Free Stater. She fled to New Hampshire to escape the POTUS's power and found a community of like-minded people here.

A particularly insightful Jesus and Mo. Today, "non-binary" often means "failing to conform to sexual stereotypes."

Tariffs, protectionism, and overregulation led to a shortage of food for babies in the US, something which would have been incredible a couple of years ago. Biden's response is to expand government power.

@billblake2018 It's not a legitimate defense expense, and 40 billion dollars is hardly a tiny amount of money.

Mailchimp collects a _lot_ of information on you when you open its mail as HTML. Don't believe me? Let them tell you.

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If someone is teaching racism--no matter their excuse--they do not mean well. They mean to set "black" against "white", and to destroy all progress toward equality.

Those who value human beings should never give a pass to those who only value certain "races" of human beings.

@jhertzli The Louisiana bill would outlaw all willful elimination of fertilized ova. It would sentence women with ectopic pregnancies to death. I call that villainy.

The only explanation I can think of for Louisiana HB 813 is pure murderous malice.

Attorney General's office brings out the old lie that there's a "hate speech" exception to the First Amendment.

@mindhog We should also be thinking of Buck v. Bell, which allows forced sterilization and, I believe, still stands.

Libertarians should be telling the pro-choice world that the doctrine of unlimited government power has led to the possible downfall of Roe v. Wade and that they need to adopt a strong pro-individual rights position. What I'm mostly seeing is "If you didn't support Freedom X, don't claim you support bodily autonomy." How does making people more consistent statists help?

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