California AB-5 is working exactly as intended, hammering groups as varied as writers, photographers, and truck drivers.

@FTL_Ian Interesting. I have about 50 cents worth of BSV as a result of the fork. On the other hand, I don't know if I need yet another social network. :)

@frn2000 Sounds suspicious. If they had an arrest warrant for Khan, it would have been honored. ICE has repeatedly shown it deserves no trust whatsoever.

@billblake2018 All that Twitter sees from your Internet connection is your IP address. They don't know whether it's your phone or not. Assuming you're talking about an SMS message, that would be a separate datum, confirming that you have control of a particular phone number.

The FBI is actually applauding the Volstead Act because it enabled their "pursuit of the American gangster." As if their crime wave had always existed and Prohibition just gave the government a new tool to arrest them, rather than giving the gangsters a market.

@john To focus on one example, the NH Democratic primary has a slate of delegate candidates for each candidate on the ballot. Voters will elect 16 pledged delegates out of 33 delegates. Some others are chosen by the pledged delegates, and there are the 9 infamous "superdelegates," chosen by the party bosses. I assume the LP would have a broadly similar pattern, perhaps with all the delegates elected.

@john I thought that in a state-run primary, you voted for a slate of delegates. The LPNH procedure had no connection between delegate selection and what they called a primary.

Rand Paul sinks to new depths of cynicism. He says no Republican Senator will vote for impeachment because they put their careers first. He's a Republican Senator, so he's including himself and saying he puts his career ahead of principle.

@john The LP doesn't currently have ballot status in New Hampshire, so that doesn't apply here. If the LPNH had ballot status, it would have been in the February primary along with the Demopublicans.

The LPNH so-called primary had no significance except as a poll of participants. The NH delegates to the national convention are a mostly sane bunch of people and aren't bound by the vote. Calling it a "primary" was dumb, and the outcome just compounded the negative consequences.

@billblake2018 It depends on what time span you're talking about. I don't expect a libertarian society within my lifetime. Over a longer period of time, large shifts are possible. There are two ways to go: (1) present and hope for the vision as in the song "Somebody Will," or (2) go for whatever advance or avoidance of deterioration is possible on a scale of years or decades.

@frn2000 "South Africa can now strip refugees of their asylum status if they engage in any political activity related to their home countries."

The answer is because we have a Bill of Rights.

The subdomain is currently in limbo. Links to my articles there get an "account suspended" message. The appropriate people at LPNH are aware of this.

When I access I see "account suspended" messages, sometimes redirecting to live pages. With I see just the suspension notice. This has taken several of my own articles offline. Anyone know what's going on?

Currently I'm sitting on my back porch with no coat on, after a short bicycle ride. In New Hampshire.

The LPNH has just embarrassed itself to death, with Vermin Supreme getting the most votes for presidential nominee at its convention.

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I misspoke a bit. VT hasn't banned it, but has a real bill proposed to ban it. I was rushing to get a show started half an hour late. Still insane.

@mr_penguin I think you are, or someone you read is. There's a bill in the VT legislature, but it seems to have a 0% chance of passing.

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