@ShawnL I've been thinking of subscribing to Disney for a month, binging, and canceling. (I could binge for a week for free, but I'm not quite that cheap.)

Some members of Congress are pushing back against CBP checkpoints in New England. Oddly, the article mentions no names. concordmonitor.com/Politicians

@tomat0 "Cronyism" is shorter and more to the point.

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if you unironically use the term "crony capitalism" you have no right to make fun of others for saying "not the real socialism"

The Manchester, NH Housing and Redevelopment Authority requires people to give up their Constitutional rights when they move into public housing. unionleader.com/news/veterans/

As usual, the poor get hit hardest by progressive policies.

@billblake2018 The main legal argument seems to be a somewhat technical one: that there had to be a notice and comment process and there wasn't one. reuters.com/article/us-otc-dac

@FreeKeene No quotation marks needed. It's the people of Manchester, not the government, who have to cough up the money.

@billblake2018 There are two cases to break down. People who already have DACA status have an expectation of not having the rug yanked from under them, and telling them "get out tomorrow" certainly would be capricious. But that argumentation wouldn't apply to new applications, which a court has ruled have to continue. It seems people are picking which arbitrary executive actions are legal by what they like.

Obama created DACA by executive fiat. Trump wants to end it by the same. I've yet to see a plausible explanation of why the first is legal and the second isn't. The arguments seem to amount to "Trump said the wrong magic words."

This has nothing to do with my opinion of DACA, only with logic and consistency. If I've missed something, let me know.

@billblake2018 I haven't seen anything of much significance yet. FEE used to have a Bitcoin option for buying articles, but they don't pay for articles any more. They stipulated that whatever amount of BTC they initially agreed on with a writer, it would stay the same for all future articles. In retrospect, not a good move.

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In Mississippi, it was illegal to sell "vegetarian burgers" or "vegan hot dogs." Thanks in large part to the Institute for Justice, this absurdity has been knocked down. ij.org/press-release/victory-f

Veterans' Day and Memorial Day are getting to be the hardest days to get through online. The Left and Right alike go wild telling us how the warfare state protects our freedoms and we ought to be grateful. I've already blown up at one person. Maybe I should just stay off all discussion forums (except this one :) for the rest of the day.

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Cops record being given criminal orders and resign rather than carry them out. Kudos to them for having a spine.


@John99 Some parents are seriously warped. Trying to "transition" a kid at age 7, especially against his preferences,, is horrible.

A review of some high crimes and misdemeanors by past presidents. libertyunbound.com/node/2067

@BenjaminStyles777 Well, that answers the question Dracula asked in "Monster Mash."

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