Another militarist president on the way. Biden claims the government's top obligation isn't to upholding its citizens' rights but to maintaining the welfare of its military.

@politicsofdiscretion Source? That's not quite the Declaration of Independence.

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This remains, in my opinion, one of the best allegories about the importance of civil liberties.

@politicsofdiscretion Yes. Jorgenson sometimes backtracks those promises when pressed, but she should understand and express the powers of the office better.

@freetalklive Or as libertarians would say, AMC makes changes to satisfy the market.

You can order The Magic Battery on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, Kobo, or Apple Books.

Liberdon has become just a set of megaphones blaring into empty space. There was never a lot of conversation, but now there's none. I don't think I'll spend much more time here.

Good article. I came across it because Charles Stross was sputtering with rage at its suggestion he has any classical liberal tendencies.He declared Quillette "darkweb."

@freetalklive It would have been nice if the article included even a short explanation of what this community-led model is. Citizens' arrests have serious problems of their own.

Many ridiculous proposals can be attributed to stupidity, but this goes beyond the limit. Hardly anyone is dumb enough to believe a government can redistribute income without an enforcement arm. What the movement wants is to replace the existing police with its a new force that will serve its agenda. 4/4

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The second absurdity is that abolishing the police would eliminate the means by which the government takes from some and gives to others. They seem to think that people will keep handing over tax money when there's no risk of being arrested or having their homes taken. 3/4

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The first absurdity is the notion that handouts would abolish crime. The people behind the movement seem to think that rich people never steal and that people never commit crimes for reasons other than lack of money or social services. Logically, this has to include criminal cops. It means we hand them money instead of punishing their crimes. 2/4

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The Defund/Abolish the Police movement is neither libertarian nor coherent. It isn't about replacing the police with private or community-based defense against crime. It's based on the notion that if the government takes enough money from people and gives it to poor people, no police will be necessary. 1/4

@AtlasFreeman It's worse than that. I had an online argument with a moron who insisted that indifference constituted violence. They're ready to bring criminal charges against anyone who doesn't join their gang, if they can just get into power.

@mosesgikomba The safety of his basement? As opposed to having walls built around the White House because he's scared of the people his goons tear-gassed?

You aren't going to find any Trumpist friends here. You certainly aren't going to convert anyone at the rate you're going.

@mosesgikomba Sorry, you seem to have made a wrong turn. This is Liberdon. There must be an Authoritariandon somewhere nearby.

@MichelleMalkin Knowing Malkin, I seriously doubt that's the full story.

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