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@politicsofdiscretion AFAICT, the Supreme Court invented this power in McGrain v. Daugherty (1927), claiming Congress has the power to enforce subpoenas as part of its "auxiliary powers as are necessary and appropriate."

@politicsofdiscretion I read Jorgensen as saying CNN was giving its support to state-sanctioned voter suppression, not engaging in it. I grant it was unnecessarily confusing. I just tweeted that CNN was lying.

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Here's a reading from The Magic Battery, where Europe's greatest mage must flee from a book-burning mob.

@politicsofdiscretion I'm no legal expert either, but the Supreme Court's decision in Pierson v Ray appears to be based on an act of Congress, which means Congress (and probably state legislatures) can overturn it. The DoJ can refrain from using a QI defense for its own people, though this wouldn't affect state or local police.

@SirBemrose It depends. If you say "All members of group X," then you're bound to commit a fallacy. If you're talking about statistical trends, the statement could be true.

I know what you're talking about. Medium is full of articles like "I know better than you do what your close friend in group X, who's a total stranger to me, wants." But properly qualified statements about groups can be true.

Another militarist president on the way. Biden claims the government's top obligation isn't to upholding its citizens' rights but to maintaining the welfare of its military.

@politicsofdiscretion Source? That's not quite the Declaration of Independence.

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This remains, in my opinion, one of the best allegories about the importance of civil liberties.

@politicsofdiscretion Yes. Jorgenson sometimes backtracks those promises when pressed, but she should understand and express the powers of the office better.

@freetalklive Or as libertarians would say, AMC makes changes to satisfy the market.

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Liberdon has become just a set of megaphones blaring into empty space. There was never a lot of conversation, but now there's none. I don't think I'll spend much more time here.

Good article. I came across it because Charles Stross was sputtering with rage at its suggestion he has any classical liberal tendencies.He declared Quillette "darkweb."

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